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Greenwich schools closed after Monday (Photo: Getty Images).

In the context of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the demand for online translation of training courses is increasing.

The directors say that students at the university now have to take distance learning courses in London, Kent and Essex, where students have to take mass tests for Kovid-19, as the number of cases increases.

The leaders of the National Association of Senior Teachers (NAHT) and the Association of College Leaders (ASCL) have joined forces to urge Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to take action to prevent more students, staff and their families from falling ill.

The intervention took place before the East London City Council asked local schools to close on Monday due to an exponential increase in the number of cases. In a letter to parents on Sunday, Greenwich Council President Danny Thorpe said immediate action was needed to stop the spread.

At the national level, NAHT and ASCL, General Secretaries Paul Whiteman and Jeff Burton said in a letter to Mr Williamson that we must now ask why the government seems to have ignored the possibility of moving to distance education in the regions of London, Kent and Essex, where high rates of the disease have led to the decision to screen secondary school pupils en masse.

We also need to address the concerns of many of our members in other parts of England where the number of infections is high and why the government is unable to take similar measures in these areas.

There is a very strong feeling that this is an example of a north-south division, with the government being more vigilant about what is happening in London and the southeast than in other areas.

A picture of a boy studying in his mother's room.

Children learn at home during the first blockade (Photo: Getty Pictures).

Experts have repeatedly stated that children in secondary schools are old enough to spread the virus, which is dangerous for their families and workers and is seen as one of the reasons for the increase in these cases.

The couple demanded and continued distance learning in the three southern regions: It seems to us that all pupils of the school in this age group are at a dubious risk of transmission.

It is also about taking better account of public health issues in order to reduce the risk of transmission between families and school staff.

Whiteman and Burton also pointed out that the inevitable mixing of students on their way to school was another concern.

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During the second blockade of England the schools were closed, but during the first national blockade they were closed.

In Wales, high schools are switching to e-learning from Monday.

Meanwhile, Greenwich board chairman Thorpe said the contagion rate was at its highest level since March and ordered schools to shut down the spread of contagion to slow down.

Mr Thorpe said that I would not ask for this if the risk was not extreme, but given the growing number of people involved, it is clear that action needs to be taken.

Greenwich has the highest infection rate since March. That’s why I asked all schools in Greenwich to close their offices from Monday evening and switch to online education during school hours, except for children who are key workers and children with special needs (as with the first blockade).

Since my last request, here is an open letter to the families of @Royal_Greenwich with the request to close the schools in @greenwich as of tomorrow. As a teacher I know how valuable education is, but our commitment is growing too fast and we have to act. pic.twitter.com/VClICoCoLQ

– Dan Thorpe (@DanLThorpe) 13. December 2020.

The government has repeatedly stated that schools should remain open as a national priority, a position supported by the Labour Party. Schools have even been threatened with lawsuits.

But the labor consultant, Mr. Thorpe, said… This is, frankly, one of the most difficult issues I have struggled with during my tenure as a leader.

The Ministry of Education has made it clear that this is not its position and has in fact issued guidelines for some schools.

Still, I can’t stand aside with a good conscience when the number doubles so fast.

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