In 2017 Dua Lipa burst onto the American stage with his hit New Rules. In the music video she sings, together with a number of other young men, the story of a man from whom she has recovered. The song was very catchy, but not many people expected Dua Lipa to get up fleetingly from that moment on. Today, the face of Dua Lipa is on every television screen, advertising Jaguar and Yves Saint Laurent; One Kiss is playing in every club and there are countless magazines with her on the cover in every bookstore.

Dua Lipa exploded, and it almost looks like it happened by accident. Dua Lipa started out as a world star and did really well, moderately rising. She’s tried to manage the cost of every open door she’s been given, and today she still has to make up for all her regrets. We were able to explore Dua Lipa’s intense – and ultimately breathtaking – adventure.

Albanian origin

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Dua Lipa is Albanian! Her parents left Kosovo for London, where Dua Lipa was conceived. That’s why she’s British. Their experience certainly presents them as boring, fascinating and with a striking accent. She also has a younger brother and sister who should be happy for her more productive and richer sister!

Kosovo with call

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After living in London for a few years, Dua Lipa returned to Kosovo with her family so that her father could look for work. It is clear that Dua Lipa must have been devastated, because London was all she knew. Nevertheless, she retained her important creative momentum during her stay in Kosovo.

Hip Hop Fan

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At a very young age, Dua Lipa realised that she wanted to become a popular artist. She filled her life with music and tried to perfect her songwriting. Hip Bake has strongly influenced the music of Dua Lipa, because most of his songs combine deep vocals with heavy, electronic and danceable rhythms.

Youth and YouTube

While Dua Lipa was developing her skills as a singer and songwriter, she started to publish her recordings on YouTube. At the age of 14, Dua Lipa Etta James’ I Would Betra Go Blind sang, suggesting that she certainly has an old soul (and an unfathomable vocal grip).

Suitable employee

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The publication on YouTube could only support Dua Lipa for a short period of time. Then she returns to London, alone, to live with her friend and learn her trade. Dua became champion in dance clubs and cafes to pay for her musical appointments, but she never gave up her goal.

Citizen Model

Realizing that the dance clubs didn’t really help her in the music world, Dua decided to become a role model for ASOS. She decided that this was the most ideal approach to organize and meet the perfect people. However, she left unexpectedly after experts advised her to lose weight for the course.

Factor X

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While Dua Lipa struggled for recognition, a local young woman found a job at X Factor. X-Factor was at that time an exceptionally famous show, and nobody knew who Dua Lipa was. That’s why the advertising must have been too stimulating for them!

Dua Lipa!

Dua’s persistent efforts have finally paid off! Her YouTube recordings got a lot of feedback, so she was finally ready to find a music accompanist and a record for Warner Bros. The files. The result was the Dua Lipa collection of the same name, which was launched in 2017 and was a great success.

New rules

New Rules was a Dua Lipa single, and to this day it was his best single. The poem contained first-class rules on how to forget your ex, and her music video showed a gathering of friends dressed in pastel colors trying to help Dua win.


At the 2018 British Awards, Dua Lipa appeared in the cutest, fluffiest and most pin-studded outfit ever worn and was nominated for five different scores – more than any other champion this year. She even won the award for Best Female Solo Artist and Best New Artist. Congratulations, Dua!

Jaguar Lady

From the host of the dance club, to the winner of the competition, to the Jaguar creature! Apparently, the unforgettable British car company has chosen the coolest and most famous British artist to talk about their new electric car I-PACE. In fact, Dua Lipa and Jaguar worked together to create the most remixed track in history for the mission.

Free woman

A star is not a star until it has become the content of a fashion brand, right? All in all, Dua Lipa is an absolute star at this stage! It was chosen to be the essence of Yves Saint Laurent’s free perfume; and free is certainly the perfect word to describe this energetic and wildly autonomous lady.

Dress with cool children

Once a person reaches a certain level of fame in the industry, friends and famous models throw themselves on them. Gigi and Bella Hadid are two of the most famous models in the world. So it’s good that they are friends with the great Dua Lipa – just like at a convention or an impressive style show.

Love with Anwar

Not only have friends accompanied Dua Lipa’s popularity, but she has also discovered love – and none other than Gigi and Bella’s younger brother! Apparently Anwar Hadid sneaked into DM Dua and asked her out; and from then on they were inseparable. They even spend time with each other’s families once in a while.

And Vogue

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Dua is not only friends with models. She’s one of them! For Vogue, Dua took part in a fake sitcom from the 90s in which she flaunted beautiful clothes and rode her moped on her way to dinner. This hilarious short film also shows how Dua’s extraordinary artist creates confusion, discomfort and unease in a matter of minutes.

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