North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has been accused of murdering his half-brother in Malaysia. The dictator is said to have ordered the hit as part of a “diabolical” plot that was done using a nerve agent, Malaysian police confirmed on Wednesday.

The “kim jong un weight loss” is a topic that has been in the news lately. Kim Jong Un has lost over 30 pounds, which may be due to his recent diet change.

North Korea's Kim Jong



Kim Jong-un became North Korea’s leader after his father died suddenly 10 years ago. It was a difficult task for the young leader, but he overcame it and has been in power for a decade. He has had to deal with more seasoned international leaders, and he has left his stamp on the globe. He wanted his nation to be recognized as a nuclear power, and his testing of atomic missiles distinguished him as a unique leader.

Kim Jong-un controlled with a hard hand and used timely moves to thwart military coup attempts. With a larger-than-life demeanor, the leader has assured that his authority is unquestionable.

His meeting with former US President Donald Trump was a calculated move that may have paid off handsomely. In 2018, the two leaders met in Singapore, separated by age. It was a meeting that elevated Kim Jong-prestige un’s and elevated Trump’s position as a peacemaker. They aimed to devise a peace solution for the Korean Peninsula. They had several discussions in other locations but were unable to reach an agreement. Denuclearization was Trump’s top objective, but Kim wanted sanctions lifted.

Kim Jong-major un’s concern is the economy.

Kim Jong-un, who has a decade of experience under his belt, must strike a balance between global sanctions, the Coronavirus outbreak, and the economy. These are all connected. He wants to expand his nuclear arsenal while also fretting about the state of the economy.

When the epidemic hit, he shut down the border with China to stop the sickness from spreading. North Korea’s major trading partner is China, and the shutdown had a direct effect on commerce. The economy took a hit. To achieve a balance, he must think beyond the box.

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Kim Jong-un could attempt to restart talks with the US.

President Joe Biden’s administration does not seem to be in a rush to have talks with Kim Jong-un. The United States wants North Korea to phase off its nuclear weapons development. Kim Jong-un views his nuclear programs as a means of ensuring his life.

The predicament of Kim Jong-un is described by NPR.

He has a difficult problem in balancing the security of his nuclear weapons with the prosperity of his people. He has put a three-year moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests. He has, though, continued to test missiles with a shorter range that could threaten US allies South Korea and Japan. According to a January news story, Kim Jong-un intended to work with President Joe Biden to ease sanctions.

A resumption of nuclear talks might be beneficial to Kim Jong-un.

According to Business Standard, there is a chance that Washington would make COVID-19 vaccinations accessible to Pyongyang. That may be a good place to start reviving the long-stalled nuclear talks between the US and North Korea.

According to a South Korean officer from the National Intelligence Service, this is the case. “I feel that if the United States proposed supplying its vaccinations with a little more audacity, momentum might be built to push North Korea back to dialogue,” he says. The nation has had a stringent border closure since last year and claims to be coronavirus-free. A worldwide vaccination distribution network seems to have allotted vaccine doses to Pyongyang, but Pyongyang has yet to reply. According to the source, the North may have anticipated some advantages in the form of sanctions relief. It had hoped to be rewarded for its prudence in testing its nuclear and long-range missiles during the previous four years.


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North Korea’s Kim Jong is the current leader of North Korea. He took over from his father, Kim Jong-il, in 2011. He was born on January 8th, 1984. Reference: north korea flag.

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