and Luke Melling's boyfriend with their great kid Miles.

Rea Martin didn’t know she was pregnant (Photo: MEN Media)

Rhea Martin rested at home with her friend Luke Melling, because her usual monthly cramps increased.

The 24-year-old salesgirl suffered from severe back pain, so Luke took her to the hospital and took her to the emergency room.

She was surprised to discover that the back pain was not caused by menstruation but by contractions.

Ray had no idea she was pregnant and went into shock.

When she woke up, she was in another room with a midwife who told her to arrange and push everything for her baby.

Before calling Luke or his parents to tell them the news, Rhea brought a letter to his parents on the 20th day of the event. October Miles Melling was born, weighing 1.5 kg, when her family knew nothing about what was going on.

Then I called Luke and told him to come to the hospital where I met him on the street, Ria said.

I told him right away, and the first thing he asked me was if he was a boy, because he always wanted a son.

Luke and Ray are now very happy to have a son, but admit that the unexpected birth was rather traumatic.

Little Miles

When Rhea had unbearable back pain, she just thought it was a bad time – but in reality it was the birth (Photo: MEN Media).

You go to the hospital and think you have severe back and abdominal pain from your period and you go out with the baby, said Rea.

We didn’t have time to treat or prepare anything, so the last six weeks have been difficult, and we have been lucky to have great parents who have helped us a lot.

The first week after Miles’ arrival we continued discussing our plans as a couple, then we remembered that we were going to have a baby and that what we did before was not so perfect that a baby would come to us.

It was a rather surreal time, but we didn’t want to change it for the world.

A few days before giving birth Reha went to an A&E point and learned that she was in pain because of a bad period.

The doctors gave him painkillers and told him not to go back to the hospital with problems during the pandemic.

Rhea hoped the pain would go away… … …but it turned out to be the beginning of labor.

She had no real signs of pregnancy in the last nine months.

As her dress size increased from 8 to 10, Rea suspected that the weight gain was due to the fact that she spent more time at home in a closed room.

It turns out that Ria’s baby was nailed to her back, which means she couldn’t see any buttons.

Luke Melling and his grandson Miles.

The couple is very happy, but admits that the delivery was rather traumatic (Photo: MEN Media).

Unfortunately, the new mother was fired after the first blockade, and although she found a new job, she was unable to take maternity leave or receive any pay in the company due to the short duration of her work.

Rhea said: From a financial point of view, it was a difficult time. We had already started saving for the house together, but because of the climate in Covida we could not clean as much as we had hoped.

After I left the hospital, I immediately moved in with Luke’s father and raised Miles there.

We’ve clearly been isolated for the last four weeks, and since Luke is a personal trainer, he was unemployed, so we spent a lot of time together indoors.

We really hope that we can save enough money to buy an apartment next year, but
means that Luke will find more work, so it is a pretty stressful situation.

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We are determined to give Miles the best possible start in life, even though he has no training whatsoever.

Lucas said: I was very shocked that I hadn’t noticed that my own girlfriend was pregnant.

Especially as a personal trainer I felt pretty stupid.

But Miles is the greatest blessing that has ever been a strange year for all of us.

We had a few hours to get from a new couple to a family.

I love Ria and I can’t thank her for making me a father.

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