FHYSIO is a modern physiotherapy and wellness centre. It offers a personalised massage therapy and a Sports Massage Course. You can upgrade your account and get access to more information about FHYSIO. You can also view your own credit report to see what limits you are allowed to spend and any court judgments.

FHYSIO is a modern physiotherapy and wellness center

FHYSIO is a comprehensive wellness and physiotherapy center for people with orthopedic, neurological and post-surgical conditions. Our treatments cover a broad range of orthopedic ailments, from whiplash and lumbar disc disease to foot/ankle injuries, frozen shoulder and arthritis, to work-related injuries such as repetitive stress injuries. Additionally, we treat patients with neurological disorders, such as pinched nerves, balance problems and proprioceptive deficits.

It offers a personalised massage therapy

FHYSIO offers personalised massage therapy that targets specific areas of the body. It draws from western and eastern modalities and incorporates the most effective techniques of Swedish sports massage and ancient Chinese Tui-na. Each treatment is tailored to the individual client’s needs and is delivered in a private treatment room.

Massage therapy is a form of natural healing and can help alleviate a wide variety of health conditions. With a variety of techniques, massage can help ease pain and improve mobility. Massage therapists use a variety of methods, from friction to vibration, to help patients reduce pain and increase movement.

It offers a Sports Massage Course

The Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy is the entry level qualification in sports massage and the minimum level qualification required to practice as a sports massage therapist. The course covers a range of topics, including soft tissue dysfunction, massage techniques, and injury management. It also covers consultation and clinical practice skills.

The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to become a sports massage therapist, whether in a spa, sports club, or in a sports clinic. Students must be 16 years of age to enroll in the course, though underage students can be accepted on a case-by-case basis. All students are required to bring their own towel, and will work in pairs.

Sports massage is most commonly associated with rehabilitation, but can also focus on injury prevention strategies and performance enhancement. It is a vital part of physical therapy and can help people of all ages. It is also important to understand the emotional state of the client, as many people experience emotional stress as a result of injury.

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