The right direct mail marketing company can take care of every aspect of your campaign, from strategy to design to mailing and tracking. These companies will be a one-stop shop for your marketing needs, meaning you can focus on your core business while leaving the details to them. In addition to handling your campaign from strategy to mailing, these vendors will also understand the culture of your business. You can easily outsource the entire process to them, as they understand your business and its culture.

PostGrid offers full direct mail automation

With the PostGrid platform, businesses can build and maintain mailing lists with ease. The software can also help create segmented mailing lists and automate mail and print processes. The platform even helps marketers standardize addresses, update data, and verify addresses. Changing a single piece of direct mail can take days manually, but with automation, small changes can be made quickly and easily.

Direct mail automation allows companies to track individual pieces and the performance of their campaigns. PostGrid’s direct mail automation tool also lets users track direct mail pieces before and after they’re delivered. This helps companies maintain more control over direct mail pieces, and it helps minimize the risk of misplacements and delays. Moreover, automated direct mail can be scalable to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.

In addition to improving the efficiency of direct mail marketing, direct mail automation also cuts down on the costs. Most companies spend a significant amount of money on designing, printing, and shipping direct mail. Using a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid can drastically reduce marketing costs. The platform also provides in-built templates for designing direct mail collaterals, allowing business owners to save time on design and content. In addition to this, PostGrid allows users to outsource printing and mailing tasks to trusted print and mail vendors. The platform even offers postal discounts, which means that businesses can save more money.

SaasMQL integrates well with a business sales funnel

SaaSMQL is a powerful tool to measure and refine outbound marketing efforts for SaaS companies. It helps these companies grow predictable revenue, pipeline, and ARR. SaaSMQL tracks every interaction with its programs, giving business owners a detailed picture of account engagement, intent, funnel conversion, and pipeline generated.

SaasMQL integrates with multiple channels, including emails, ads, and direct mail. Its direct mail integration helps you create well-timed campaigns and lower costs per acquisition than other marketing channels. It also gives you detailed campaign ROI in Salesforce.

SaasMQL offers address verification

Address verification is an important part of any marketing campaign. It allows marketers to target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and purchases. But the process isn’t as simple as a few clicks. In order to get the most accurate results, you need reliable data. Fortunately, SaasMQL can provide this data to you. The company’s team can help you build a campaign concept based on your goals and objectives. You can use additional data like phone number, gender, and age to enhance your customer database.

SaasMQL also provides tracking services and allows businesses to track campaign spending. The software can also integrate with other digital marketing solutions to help businesses better coordinate their marketing efforts. If you want to maximize your direct mail campaign, SaaSMQL can help.

Address verification helps businesses improve their ROI and deliverability. SaasMQL integrates with a business’ sales funnel to ensure that mailers are sent to the right audience at the right time. The software also helps you create personalized postcards and gift boxes that increase conversions. Plus, SaaSMQL offers package delivery as an option, something most direct mail marketing companies can’t afford to do themselves.

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