Some are accused of bringing weapons to the Capitol. Others photographed the looting of the building. Many are accused of illegal or forced entry.

Here’s what we know about some of the people arrested and two people charged, but the status of their detention is unknown.

Barnett, Arkansas, was photographed sitting at a desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in January. 6 riots, according to authorities.

Federal authorities say he was taken into custody two days later in Little Rock.

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Barnett, known as Bigot, was caught on surveillance video that entered Pelosi’s office at 2:50 a.m. AND with an American flag and a cell phone and leaves after six minutes with only his cell phone, according to court documents. He was photographed with a boot tied to a table and a flag draped nearby.

He then spoke to the media and was caught on video with an envelope from Pelosi’s office. Barnett told the reporter that I didn’t steal it. He said he took the envelope because it was bleeding and put it on his desk, according to court documents signed by a special agent of the U.S. Capitol Police.

According to the criminal complaint, Barnett was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a building or premises with restricted access without legal authorization, forced entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill property, and theft of public property.

He is in FBI custody, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in Benton County, Arkansas.

CNN contacted Barnett’s attorney, who says he will testify.

Larry Randall Brock

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Prosecutors allege that Brock, a 53-year-old retired Texas Air Force reserve officer, was photographed wandering around the Senate chamber holding a flexible white armband used by law enforcement to restrain or arrest people. The photos show a man wearing a military helmet, a green tactical vest and a black camouflage jacket.

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Brock was born on the 10th. January arrested. According to a Justice Department press release, he is charged with willful entry into a building or restricted area without lawful authority, forcible entry into a building or area of the Capitol, and disorderly conduct.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Brock refuted racist views and repeated President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

He also stated that he was against the vandalism of the building and was shocked at the extent of the destruction. I know it sounds ominous, he told The New Yorker. I didn’t mean to.

Jacob Anthony Chanceley

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Chanceley, the Arizona man also known as Jake Angeli, was seen in photos on Capitol Hill shirtless and with paint on his face, wearing a bearskin cap with horns, according to an arrest warrant.

He was taken into custody on Jan. 9 and charged with willfully entering a building or restricted area without legal authorization and with forcible entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill grounds, federal authorities said.

CNN’s attempts to contact his attorney have been unsuccessful.

Chanceley told the FBI that he and other Arizona patriots came to Washington at the request of the president, who wanted all patriots to come to Washington on the 6th. January 2021 would come to Washington, D.C., according to the investigators’ report in his court file.

Chanceley called the FBI the day after the attack and confirmed to the bureau that he was the man sitting in the vice president’s chair in the Senate, according to the court document.

He was known to followers as a QAnon shaman and had a Facebook page full of posts referencing QAnon conspiracy theories, which followers say are a conspiracy of Satan infiltrating the highest levels of the U.S. government and opposing Trump.

He served in the U.S. Navy from 2005 to October 2007, according to records.

Lonnie Leroy Coffman

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Prosecutors say Coffman, of Falkville, Alabama, was arrested after authorities found 11 pipe bombs, an assault rifle and a handgun in his truck that was parked two blocks from the Capitol during the riots.

He has been charged with illegal possession of a destructive device and carrying a handgun without a license, the Justice Department said in a news release.

Coffman, 70, told police he had cans of melted polystyrene and gasoline, according to an affidavit filed by authorities on the 8th. January.

Federal investigators believe the suit would have a napalm effect if it exploded because the flammable liquid adheres better to objects it touches when it explodes, according to court records.

The morning of the 6th. In January, Coffman parked his van in front of the National Republican Club, commonly known as the Capitol Hill Club, a block from the large office building of the House of Representatives and Library of Congress, according to the complaint. A submachine gun and an M4 assault rifle were mounted on the passenger seat of the truck, along with rifle magazines containing ammunition, police said.

When police found him and searched him about a block away after sunset, Coffman was carrying a 9mm handgun and a .22 caliber in each of his front pockets, according to the police complaint. None of the weapons found in his truck or on his person were registered to him.

A federal judge ruled on January 12 that Coffman will remain in prison pending his trial on a weapons charge.

Investigators found handwritten notes in Coffman’s truck that included a quote about the need to overthrow people who pervert the Constitution, according to court records.

The memos also included the names of a Democratic congressman, whom he described as Muslim, and an Obama-appointed judge. According to the archives, the handwritten notes also contain references to extreme right-wing conspiracy sites.

Prosecutors have not charged Coffman with participating in the attack on the Capitol building. His lawyer, Tony Miles, said at the hearing on the 12th. January, Coffman is innocent of the charges and questions the validity of the case. He noted that Coffman was an Army veteran who had fought in Vietnam.

Jenny Cudd

Cudd, a former mayoral candidate from Midland, Texas, is facing two charges, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Cudd, who posted a video on the eve of the riots and talked about the noise the next day, is charged with knowingly entering a restricted building and knowingly obstructing or disrupting government operations.

The criminal complaint states that Cudd and another man were photographed in the Capitol and that Cudd made a video on Facebook some time after the actual robbery of the building.

Jenny Cudd also said in the video: We broke down the door to Nancy Pelosi’s office and someone stole her hammer and took pictures of her sitting on a chair, facing the camera, according to the court document.

Don Flanary, Cudd’s attorney, tells CNN that she was arrested by the FBI this (Wednesday) morning and brought before a judge in Midland. She’s out on bail.

Flanary says Cudd plans to plead guilty.

Derrick Evans

Evans, who was then a West Virginia state legislator, is shown in a videotape of him in a crowd swarming through a large ornate gate on Capitol Hill, authorities said.

Evans is charged with willfully entering a building or restricted area without lawful authority, forcibly entering a building or area of the Capitol, and disorderly conduct.

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A federal judge in West Virginia dismissed Mr. Evans on personal recognizance after he was convicted on the 8th. Janvier had appeared in court, as the records show.

Evans, who denied any involvement in the destruction and violence, resigned in 9th place. January of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

The last few days have certainly been difficult for my family, my colleagues and myself, so I think it’s best to leave my seat in the House of Delegates and focus on my personal situation and the people I love, Evans said in a press release on the West Virginia Legislature Web site.

I take full responsibility for my actions and I deeply regret having embarrassed my family, friends, constituents and colleagues in the West. I hope that the action I am taking today can remove any distraction from the state legislature, so that my colleagues can get down to the serious business of building a better future for our state.

CNN obtained the video, which federal prosecutors say was broadcast live on Facebook and then deleted while he was in the crowd.

Although he deleted the video, someone uploaded a copy to Reddit, according to the criminal complaint. Prosecutors claim in the criminal complaint that Evans is the man heard in the video.

In the video, Evans is asked, at one point outside of Capitol Hill, do they continue to fight with the police officers there?

Here we are, Evans shouts once inside the Capitol, as others continue to enter the building.

According to Evans, he only filmed the event as an independent media representative of film history, although he appears to have no experience as such.

Evans’ attorney, John Bryan, declined to comment on these allegations on CNN.

In a statement from the 7th. However, in January, Brian told CNN that his client had no choice but to enter the Capitol because the crowd he was in was so large, and it was not clear to Evans that he was not allowed to follow the crowd into this public area of the Capitol where members of the public were already present.

Douglas Jensen

The video shows Jensen, 41, stalking a black Capitol Hill police officer during a disturbance, based on a comparison of his shooting photo and social media posts.

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On a Twitter account bearing his name, Jensen appeared twice in one of the photos that circulated on the Internet after the incident. His neighbor in Des Moines, Iowa, confirmed to CNN affiliate KCCI that the man in the photos is Jensen.

Jensen – wearing a Qanon T-shirt – also gestures to another Capitol Hill police officer in a photo taken by photojournalist Manuel Bolce Ceneta at the Associated Press.

The video, shot by Igor Bobik of the Huffington Post, shows Jensen, wearing the same QAnon T-shirt, chasing Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman with a crowd of rioters on his tail. Once upstairs, the officer looks at the door to his left that leads to the Senate Chamber, and from there he goes back into the Chamber to lead the crowd away from the Senate Chamber.

Jensen was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a violent mob raid on Capitol Hill, according to the FBI and local Iowa authorities.

The 9th. In January, FBI agents transferred Jensen to the Polk County Jail for processing.

According to the FBI, his charges include breaking into the Capitol, disrupting public administration, forcing entry into the Capitol building and blocking law enforcement during a riot.

CNN’s attempts to contact Jensen’s attorney have been unsuccessful.

Adam Johnson

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Johnson, 36, was arrested a few days after the Florida riots and charged with stealing the Speaker’s office, according to a news release.

Johnson has been charged with willfully entering a building or restricted area without lawful authority, theft of government property, forcible entry into a building or Capitol Hill grounds, and disorderly conduct.

Johnson received a $25,000 subscription, according to WFTS, an affiliate of CNN. He is placed under supervision and has a curfew, must surrender his firearm and passport, and will be released on the 19th, according to the WFST. January in federal court in Washington, D.C. is expected.

Johnson’s lawyers said the viral photo showing him with the lectern on Capitol Hill could be problematic for the progress of his case, according to the affiliate.

Johnson is clearly taking this very seriously, said attorney David Bigney, according to a video released by WFTS.

We’re dealing with a lot of notoriety here, just because of the picture that was taken in the blink of an eye, a lot of judgments based on that picture that have led to death threats against Adam and his family.

Basement cage

Keller, who won five Olympic medals in swimming, including two gold medals in the relay, was charged Wednesday, according to court documents.

According to documents filed in the United States District Court in Washington, D.C., Keller was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a prohibited building or area without lawful authority, forcibly entering and disrupting public order on Capitol Hill grounds, and obstructing law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties during civil disturbances.

We don’t know if Keller is in custody. CNN could not reach Mr Keller for comment.

According to court documents, Keller was identified by media outlets such as SwimSwam, which covers competitive swimming.

FBI Special Agent Matthew R. Barofsky wrote court documents that he confirmed Keller’s identity by comparing photos from the riots with his Colorado driver’s license.

The Capitol Hill photos also show that Keller was wearing an American Olympic team jacket and was one of the tallest people, Barofsky wrote in his statement of facts. Keller is six feet tall.

Cleveland Grover Meredith, Jr.

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Meredith arrived in Washington the day of the riots with hundreds of bullets and a Colorado rifle – and the next day he texted his acquaintances to tell them he wanted to shoot or run over Pelosi, according to federal court records.

He was charged with interstate threats against Pelosi and possession of an unregistered firearm.

The FBI wrote court documents that they found Meredith in a hotel room in Washington, D.C., after receiving a tip about one of the messages. He traveled to Washington but arrived too late to attend the meeting that preceded the uprising, according to court documents.

Meredith sent the sixth. January: A text message that he was on his way to Washington, D.C., with tons of … armor-piercing bullets, and on the 7th. In January, according to court documents, he thought about putting a bullet in Pelosi’s leg live on television.

On the 7th. In January, he also sent a text message saying Pelosi would show up, according to court documents. Meredith punctuated her messages with malicious purple emojis and used swear words for women to refer to Pelosi, according to authorities.

At one point, after the recipient of the texts expressed concern, Meredith responded: Lol, have fun, say the court documents.

Meredith had the FBI search her hotel room, her phone, her truck and trailer. Inside the trailer, officers found three handguns – a Glock 19, a 9mm pistol and an assault rifle – and about 100 rounds of ammunition, according to court documents.

Meredith was scheduled to appear in court on January 13.

CNN’s attempts to contact Meredith’s attorney for comment were unsuccessful.

Eric Gavelec spare parts

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Munchel, of Tennessee, was identified as the man seen in photos and videos inside the Capitol, carrying paramilitary equipment and plastic belts, an object in a holster on his right hip and a cell phone strapped to his chest with an outward-facing camera, according to an affidavit in a criminal complaint filed against him in the United States District Court in Washington, D.C.

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He was born on the 10th. January arrested in Tennessee. He was charged with knowingly entering a building or restricted area without lawful authority, forced entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill grounds.

Munchel was first arrested by law enforcement on Jan. 6 for carrying a taser while attending the rally and told them it was self-defense, according to his charges.

The FBI followed footage of Munchel leaving a hotel without a mask and carrying a drink while President Donald Trump addressed supporters just before the Capitol Hill attack.

Notched oak

The founder of Proud Boys Hawaii Oaks was born on the 7th. January arrested at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, according to authorities.

He was charged with trespassing or trespassing and on Jan. 11 until his next hearing on Jan. 27. January released from prison.

In the indictment, investigators cited as evidence a photo of a tweet and an interview with CNN.

Hello from the Capitol, tweeted Ochs on the 6th. January with a photo of him smoking a cigarette in the Capitol building.

We didn’t have to break in. I went to film it, Ox told CNN in an interview that night. There were thousands of people there – they had no control over the situation. I have not been arrested or questioned.

In a CNN interview, Ochs said he was working as a professional journalist when he entered Capitol Hill and did not go into the offices or rooms of Congress.

Robert Keith Packer

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Packer, from Virginia, has been identified as the man on Capitol Hill wearing a sweatshirt that said Camp Auschwitz, according to three sources who spoke to CNN.

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He was killed on the morning of the 13th. January arrested in Newport News, Virginia, on charges of trespassing without a license, burglary and disturbing the peace on Capitol Hill, according to an arrest warrant.

Packer did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment prior to his arrest.

The image of a sweatshirt bearing the name of a Nazi concentration camp where some 1.1 million people perished during World War II caused shock and disbelief on social media. On the bottom of the shirt it is written Work brings freedom, which is a rough translation of the phrase work, which is written on the gates of the camp.

Brad Ruckstales

The CEO of Cogensia, a Chicago-based marketing technology company, entered the U.S. Capitol and was arrested, according to authorities.

He was charged with willfully entering a legally restricted building or premises without lawful authority or with intent to interfere with governmental activities or official functions; and with disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill grounds; and with forcible entry into or onto Capitol Hill grounds and disorderly conduct, the Justice Department said.

Rukstales was fired from his position, according to Cogensia, whose interim CEO stated that Rukstales’ actions were inconsistent with Cogensia’s core values.

Ruckstales apologized for what he called an extremely bad moment of judgment, according to a statement on Twitter. It was the worst personal decision of my life.

It was great to see a lot of people gather in the morning and hear speeches, but it turned into chaos, Ruckstales told CNN affiliate WBBM, admitting he was on Capitol Hill.

I had nothing to do with accusing anyone or anything, he said. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Andrew Williams

A Florida firefighter was arrested on suspicion of unauthorized entry into the Capitol and disorderly conduct, according to court documents, after a photo of him wearing a Trump 2020 cap and holding a sign for Pelosi was discovered in the Capitol.

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Williams, a paramedic with the Sanford Fire Department, appeared in federal court on Jan. 12 and was released on $25,000 bail, as documented.

Williams is on unpaid leave, according to a press release from the fire department. Fire Chief Craig Radzak confirmed it was Williams in the photo and said Williams has been with the department since October 2016 as a paramedic firefighter.

Williams’ lawyer accused Trump and Capitol Police of being responsible for the attack.

The president and Capitol Hill police are encouraging despicable behavior, Vince Citro told CNN WESH.

Michelle Krupa, Paul P. Murphy, Rob Kuznya, Ashley Funz, Andy Rose, Matt Egan, Caroline Kelly, Constantine Toropin, Raja Razek, Kay Jones, Evan Perez, and Shimon Prokupec contributed to this report.

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