This is the first time a team has ever ‘launched’ a brand new car at an event.

Haas is the first team to launch their new driver lineup for the 2022 Formula 1 season. The Haas F1 Team has announced that they will be using a Renault engine and will have a new livery in time for the 2020 season. Read more in detail here: haas f1 2022 drivers.

Haas becomes first team to launch new

The Haas Formula One team has been the first to reveal photographs of their 2022 vehicle ahead of the forthcoming season.

The Haas VF22 is a drastic change from last year’s vehicle, built to the sport’s new technical rules, with entirely new design ideas enforced by F1 and the FIA to promote wheel-to-wheel racing.


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However, the photographs supplied by Haas were simply computer projections of the VF22, with additional detail and design aspects expected later this month when the real thing hits the track.

“You’ll see in two weeks how different it looks in Barcelona [during testing],” Haas team principal Guenther Steiner stated. “Obviously, it will be a little different.

“We can’t claim it will be precisely the same right now since we’re still in the early stages of development. We don’t want to put a label on it, but it’s heading that way.”

Last season, Haas decided to devote all of its efforts to developing their 2022 vehicle, ignoring any substantial progress of its 2021 car.

Haas has used the same livery as last year, which promoted Russian sponsor Uralkali. Haas

After finishing last with zero points in 2021, Steiner is hoping that the choice would result in a return to the points this season.

“It’s that time of year when you’re naturally hopeful that everyone’s hard work and effort will result in a competitive entry on track,” Steiner said.

“We took the choice in 2020 to devote all of our time and resources on the VF-22, forsaking all track-related activities in 2021 — which was difficult to see. Hopefully, that choice pays off, and we can go back to competing for points and getting something out of weekends.”

The automobile is powered by a Ferrari engine, and other Ferrari components, such as the gearbox, continue to be used.

The Haas’ rear has the new rounded back wing required by F1 rules, as well as the exit of two Venturi tunnels that span the length of the car’s underbody. Haas

It’s also the first Haas developed by the team’s new Maranello design department, which was established last year to concentrate on the 2022 design and employs 35 people, many of whom are Ferrari secondees.

Simone Resta, a former Ferrari engineer who joined Haas as technical director at the end of 2020, was in charge of the VF22 design.

“From a supply parameter standpoint, we strive to use all of the chances with Ferrari since we are the smallest team on the grid, so it’s crucial for us to maximize the opportunities,” Resta said.

“The restrictions have changed in significant ways between last year and this year, with new components and standards, so you can really acquire less items from Ferrari in somewhat different parameters, but in short, we are attempting to take everything possible within the laws.”

Although the VF22’s photos seem to be comparable to the F1 concept vehicle shown last year, Resta believes that little tweaks will make a significant difference in team performance.

“Clearly, as we’ve stated many times, the amount of latitude provided by the current technical restrictions is limited in comparison to the past, so in a sense, looking at all the vehicles painted the same way, you’ll probably find less distinctions than in the past,” he added. “However, there is still a lot of possibility to modify forms — some more in certain areas than others — but the way the laws are written, it is fair to argue that the details have a lot of flexibility.”

“The devil, as they say, is in the details, and there is a lot of room for improvement even if things don’t seem to be very different from one another. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement and performance.”

The Haas VF22 will make its debut appearance on the track at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain from February 23 to 25.

Haas F1 Team becomes the first team to launch their new car. The car is called the “Haas VF-18”. Reference: did red bull release albon.

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