The Toronto Raptors took a 0-3 lead for the first time since the early 2000s. Looks like they’re dealing with a lot of teams: This was seen recently when Pascal Siakam played a terrible game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Something has to change: The Toronto Raptors have certainly shrunk as a team, hindering the internal development of their players. Losing their two elite defensive centers in a free agency and replacing them with Aron Baines will not be enough in the future.

The Warriors are currently looking for a star to put next to Stephen Curry. Two teams can come up with something. The most important selling point of the Raptors is Pascal Siakam: a combo striker who can do anything on the basketball court, but who is also very inconsistent. The Warriors will probably put together a decent package for Siakam, but it won’t be as much as giving up a superstar like James Harden. Here’s a possible exchange:

Get the Golden State Warriors: Pascal Siakam

Get Toronto Raptors: Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves pickup (1-3 protected).

Restarting the Toronto Raptors for the Future

Exchanging Pascal Siakam could be a bold move, especially given that he was part of his first All-Star team last year. Yet Siakam has fought hard since the Orlando bubble, especially offensive. Perhaps the best decision of his career would be to trade him for a team where another player like Stephen Curry would be in the spotlight. The Warriors should send a decent package because Siakam has just blossomed. The Raptors will demand assets for the future: Thanks to their development system, they can turn most prospects into major players in the NBA.

Draymond Green is a former DPD and three-time champion who will play an important role in this agreement. Green seems to be losing ground, but he’s still a very good NBA player and could benefit from a defensive system like Nick Nurse’s. Eric Paschall is a young, hopeful man who will lead this deal. Paschall is an inflatable demolition ball forward: not quite the level of Zion Williamson, but he is very athletic, has a passable 3PT jump, and is a solid mid-range shooter. Paschall’s efforts were highlighted by the All-Rookie team at the end of the 2019-20 season: Maybe with an exchange with the Raptors he can further develop his potential.

The 2021 elections would also be very important. The choice fell on the NBA 2021 concept class, with prospects like Cade Cunningham at the top, but also a lot of elite talent in the middle. Two surprising things in the future and a solid veteran should be enough for the Toronto Raptors to pick up the phone and make a deal.

Golden State Warriors add confirmed champion

Pascal Siakam may not be a Type 1 superstar, but he is certainly a more than capable All-Star. If he can develop in this first option, a more trusted role alongside a superstar might also be beneficial for his development. In this way Siakam can develop his skills in the game, but he is not thrown in front of multiple defenders because he is the opponent’s first option to score. Siakam is always more than a competent player: He shows his versatility in attack, and his long build makes him an excellent defender. If Siakam had been traded to the Warriors, it would have been a double victory for the team as it would have allowed the Warriors to form a Big Three consisting of Pascal Siakam, Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry.

Adding an All-Star player is worthwhile for any team, especially if the exchange consists of giving up untried players and switching to an elite player. Siakam can have a great influence on the Golden State Warriors because of its ability to go both ways. Playing with Stephen Curry should help him keep the defenders out of the way so he can attack and score off-balance.

Even if the Warriors would give up a promising player for Paschal, it’s worth finding a proven All-NBA player. Siakam’s defensive versatility matches the shape of the new youthful core of the Warriors: young, athletic and champion-hungry players. Siakam could be a worthy co-star for Curry: Perhaps the two franchises can come to an agreement and put everyone in a perfect position for their future.

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