In a bid to create more jobs, the government of India launched an initiative called JAM (Jan Dhan Yojana-Aadhaar Enabled Money). The central bank also offered free loans with low interest rates and tax benefits. This step has helped in creating new jobs but according to experts is not enough. It lacks follow through by employers who need on-boarding assistance for workers.

The “kickstart scheme” is a government-backed initiative that helps employers to hire new staff. It’s designed to be quick and easy for businesses, with the aim of getting more people in work.

How can the government kickstart scheme for employers help you?

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Apprenticeships, T Levels, and traineeships are all part of the government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ training and employment programs, and the jumpstart initiative is one of them. 

The Kickstart Scheme was launched in July 2020 as part of the Chancellor’s Jobs Plan. The program aims to provide thousands of young people with six-month work internships. 

Under the plan, the government would cover all of the expenses of work for 25 hours each week. This sum includes the employee’s earnings at the appropriate minimum wage for their age, as well as payments to National Insurance and pensions.

Thousands of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, including yours, have already applied for funding, which will cover:

  • The associated company will pay 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage, depending on the participant’s age) for a total of six months.
  • Contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund
  • Minimum contributions to a pension plan under automatic enrollment, plus a £1,500 subsidy each employment to help with starting expenses and employability.

Who is eligible to participate?

People claiming Universal Credit between the ages of 16 and 24 are eligible for the Kickstart Scheme. Also, individuals who are at risk of losing their jobs for an extended period of time and fulfill the qualifying requirements.

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What is the mechanism behind it?

The DWP starts the process of employing new personnel when the funding agreement is completed. Employers will be forced to produce job descriptions, which will be shared with the Department for Work and Pensions and utilized by JobCentre Plus work coaches. Work coaches will screen applications for the position and choose candidates for interviews. 

Employers will have the option of interviewing all candidates identified during the first screening process. Following the interview process, the organization will choose the best applicant. 

For these employees, the government will fund 100% of the minimum wage, up to a maximum of 25 hours per week. Your national insurance costs and any pension contributions will also be covered. Your employer may be able to pay you if this is the case.

What are the potential benefits for your business? 

If you recruit a young person via the Kickstart Scheme, you will have someone working for you for six months. They will offer new ideas and passion to your company, which will help it grow. 

Alternatively, you could hire someone who is unemployed and wants to start a new career in your industry, perhaps changing their life, and therefore contribute to the post-pandemic economic recovery. 

Is it appropriate for your company?

A Kickstart Scheme placement may be a good option if your company wants to help young people who are at risk of long-term unemployment by providing six-month job placements to help them gain valuable work experience or determining whether someone is a good fit for a permanent job or apprenticeship with you.


You may be able to help young people obtain vital job experience and improve their prospects of finding employment. Another advantage is that it will help a generation of young people who have been impacted by Covid-19’s economic consequences, as well as your teams develop supervisory experience. You can decide if a young person is a suitable match for an apprenticeship or a career in your organization after their work placement.

Take a peek at this page to learn more about the jumpstart program.

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The “kickstart application” is a scheme that the government has created to help employers. The scheme provides funding for training and apprenticeships, as well as support for small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do employers pay for Kickstart scheme?

A: No.

How much do employers get for kickstart?

A: Employers are able to get a kickstart from various sources. Some ways employers can do this is through grants, government programs, or private donations for their organizations and/or non-profit projects.

Do you still get Universal Credit on kickstart?

A: Yes, the Universal Credit system is still active and running. The government are constantly trying to reform it but we will see in the coming years how successful this has been.

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