The New England Patriots enter their 2018 NFL season with the highest number of expectations in recent years, after going undefeated last year with a record-breaking comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. The high standard has fostered excitement and anticipation among fans, but it’s not just about winning for this team–it’s also about how they win. For that matter, what does “winning” mean anyway?

The “bill belichick wife” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will answer the question, and also discuss why it is Bill Belichick’s best coaching job with the New England Patriots.

Is this Bill Belichick's best coaching job with the New England Patriots?

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS — The football had not even been kicked off in the New England Patriots’ regular-season finale versus the Miami Dolphins when CBS commentator Jay Feely expressed his thoughts on the team’s surprising situation — 10 victories and a playoff spot already secured.

“Bill Belichick has done his finest coaching job to date. He’s the greatest coach of all time, but I believe he and [offensive coordinator] Josh McDaniels have done a fantastic job this season “Feely said.

Although Belichick’s 2021 season will have stiff competition (his resume is great, after all), ESPN analyst Damien Woody understands Feely’s optimism.


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Belichick, who has won the respect of many in the NFL, including his former offensive linemen, leads his Patriots (10-7) into Saturday’s wild-card showdown (8:15 p.m. ET, CBS) against the Buffalo Bills (11-6).

Woody, who played with the Patriots from 1999 to 2003, said, “You might argue this is the finest job he’s ever done.” “During the offseason, he signs a flood of free agents. Then he selects Mac Jones, the fifth quarterback in the ‘Big 5’ [of first-round quarterbacks], and goes about assembling that team. It’s not simple to put a group of free agents together and get a rookie quarterback ready to play in that environment. To be able to accomplish that and bring that club back into the playoffs is a fantastic coaching job.”

When analyzing what makes Belichick’s 2021 coaching position different from those in the past, former Patriots backup quarterback Scott Zolak, the team’s veteran radio commentator, brought up those challenges.

“They’re pleasantly delighted to find themselves at this location. Although Bill will not acknowledge it, I believe they are ahead of schedule “he said “Perhaps next year you’ll be thinking playoffs, while this year you’ll be thinking ‘find yourself, replenish, get the quarterback’s feet wet,’ and then things will pick up.”

However, there has been one place where things have gone wrong.

“The special teams blunders are startling,” Zolak said, referring to three blocked punts and other costly penalties, such as defensive lineman Lawrence Guy stepping up over the snapper on a punt on Sunday, giving Miami a free first down in New England’s 33-24 defeat to Miami.

When looking at Belichick’s 2021 season in the broader picture, Zolak sees a combination of the early and late years of the team’s two-decade run with quarterback Tom Brady.

“We all remember what it was like back then: a bunch of older veterans with a chip on their shoulder about a rookie quarterback who blossomed. They figured it out “he said “Later, you had an experienced quarterback, and you were up against a younger defense, with the offense carrying you. Now, I believe they are in a wonderful place.”

Where does Belichick’s coaching job with the Patriots in 2021 rank among his best? While authorities may slap a penalty on this list since the season hasn’t ended, here’s one veteran reporter’s top 10:

With a youthful Tom Brady and an underappreciated defense that slowed down the Rams, Bill Belichick’s Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI. Getty Images/AFP/Jeff Haynes

1. 2001: In his first season as Patriots coach, Belichick had a 5-11 record and the club was 0-2 when starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe sustained a catastrophic injury. Belichick made one of the most critical decisions of his career when he decided to keep Brady, his second-year quarterback, after the Patriots had battled to a 5-5 record.

The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XXXVI, defeating the much favored Rams 20-17, with what former Green Bay general manager Ron Wolf described to as a “waiver wire team.”

Woody was a member of the group.

“Listen, you can definitely put that at the top. I’m not going to argue with you, “he said “We were 0-2, then 1-3, and there was a lot of chatter about whether or not Belichick was really the right man. Who knew in 2001 that they’d be able to navigate those seas and defeat The Greatest Show on Turf in the Super Bowl?”

2. 2008: The Patriots were seeking to bounce back after losing Super Bowl XLII and having their chances of a 19-0 season dashed. Brady then tore his ACL on the 15th offensive play of the season, ending his season.

“Let’s get this party started! That 2008 squad is up there with the greatest, if not the best, in the top two “Woody said ecstatically. “[Backup quarterback] Matt Cassel, who had never started a game in college at USC, goes in to coach him up… I understand you have the whole squad around him, but consider how great that is.”

The Patriots ended 11-5 and missed the playoffs, despite playing a lighter schedule against the AFC West and NFC West divisions, both of which were going through downturns at the time.

Bill Belichick’s Patriots went 13-2 the rest of the way after getting thrashed on Monday Night Football in Week 4 of the 2014 season, including a dramatic victory against Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

3. The year 2014: “We’re heading to Cincinnati.” Is there anything more that needs to be said? The Patriots hadn’t won a Super Bowl in a decade. They started the season 2-2, with Brady being removed in the fourth quarter of a 41-14 away defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. It took an incredible comeback to win the Super Bowl with a thrilling fourth-quarter stop against the Seattle Seahawks.

4. 2003: After missing the playoffs in 2002, the Patriots released popular safety Lawyer Milloy a week before the season opener, a 31-0 defeat at Buffalo with Milloy starting for the Bills. With a 2-2 record, the Patriots never lost again on way to their second Super Bowl title, spearheaded by one of Belichick’s greatest defenses.

5. 2018: After a painful loss on the last play against Miami in Week 14 and another loss the following week in Pittsburgh, they seemed to be doomed in December, only to recast themselves as a power-running team during the next five games on their route to a shock Super Bowl victory. The AFC Championship Game victory against Kansas City was a showcase for Belichick’s clutch, Patriots-style complementary play.

6. 2021: It’s possible that this year’s success is due to recall bias, but the Patriots’ ability to reach the playoffs with Jones at the helm (many expected him to sit behind Cam Newton this season) and so many new components is a testament to Belichick’s and his staff’s abilities.

Bill Belichick started the season with rookie quarterback Mac Jones and a slew of other newcomers. The Patriots won seven consecutive games after starting 2-4 and qualified for the playoffs. Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

7. 2016: Any coach who leads a team to a Super Bowl victory after rallying from a 28-3 second-half deficit would rank that season among his greatest merely because of the comeback. Despite not having many bona fide stars, the defense allowed a league-leading 15.6 points per game. Tight end Rob Gronkowski missed a big amount of the season (25 receptions), yet the defense allowed a league-leading 15.6 points per game.

8. 2007: The Patriots were stacked, but veterans like Tedy Bruschi believe that during that undefeated regular season, Belichick never coached them harder than he did during that unbeaten regular season. There was never a disappointment. The finest coaching positions sometimes come with the best teams, because they keep them reaching for more.

9. 2004: The Patriots, the last team in the NFL to win back-to-back Super Bowl wins, were so injured at cornerback that receiver Troy Brown was forced to play there. Belichick has always preferred a running back rotation, but he rode Corey Dillon (1,635 rushing yards in a single season, a team record) to a Super Bowl victory.

After Deion Branch was moved before the season, the Patriots’ receiving corps was headed by Reche Caldwell (team-high 61 receptions). The Patriots were a play away from appearing in the Super Bowl if it hadn’t been for Peyton Manning’s Colts’ stunning 38-34 defeat in the AFC Championship Game in Indianapolis. The Patriots were without safety Rodney Harrison, who had been injured in the regular-season finale.

Bill Belichick has been coaching the New England Patriots since 2000. The Patriots are now in their 16th consecutive season with a winning record under Belichick. With this being said, many people believe that this is Bill Belichick’s best coaching job with the New England Patriots. Reference: new england patriots’ coaching staff 2020.

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