On the first day of training camp, Julio Jones told the Atlanta Falcons he was willing to play at less than 100 percent, and he would be willing to sit out a game or two if need be — so long as he could still be a positive influence on the Falcons offense. To show how serious he was about his decision, he told his coaches he would go through with the plan only if they could guarantee he’d be starting in the opener.

I think there are two types of NFL players: Those who play football for the money, and those who do it for the fans. Julio Jones is one of the latter. He’s the best receiver the Falcons have ever had. But, as the Falcons were getting crushed in the playoffs by the Patriots, and Jones was rendered ineffective by injuries, he was asked if he wanted to leave. Jones was against it, but the Falcons needed to comply with the league’s rules. In the final minutes of Sunday’s game, as the Falcons were needing a touchdown to tie the game, Julio Jones was in the end zone and had the ball in his hands. But he let the Falcons punt the ball to the Patriots and took a knee, rather than take

It is no secret that Julio Jones is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, but he has also proven to be one of the most unselfish players in the league as well. Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has constantly praised his star wideout for his willingness to block for teammates and for his ability to make the big play when his team needs it most.

Julio Jones has only been with the Tennessee Titans for one day, but he has already proven that he is willing to make sacrifices to hold the Super Bowl flag high with his new team. The seven-time Pro Bowler, who wore the number 11 throughout his NFL career, immediately ran into trouble when the deal became official: Titans star receiver A.J. Brown is already wearing No. 11 in Tennessee. With Jones a future Hall of Fame member and Brown only in his third pro season, Brown rightfully offered to give up his number and get a new one. But Jones selflessly refused. He will now look for a new number in titanium blue.

Julio Jones and A.J. Brown just became the scariest WR duo in the NFL

Julio Jones swaps jerseys with A.J. Brown after an NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans | Todd Kirkland/Getty Images word-image-4163 The Titans’ offense has been dangerous since the beginning of the 2021 season. Ryan Tannehill is getting better as a player and point guard, Brown is quickly becoming one of the strongest deep threats in the league, and Derrick Henry is Derrick Henry. With Jones, Tennessee could set an NFL record this season. Jones (6-foot-1, 90 pounds) and Brown (6-foot-1, 90 pounds) immediately became one of the most physically imposing receiver duos in the league. Tannehill will be able to throw ball after ball to the sideline and know that one of them will probably catch the ball. Jones is a living legend at receiver, but Brown may be the more refined weapon at this point in his career. The Ole Miss native has at least 1,000 yards receiving and eight touchdowns in each of his first two seasons, and is much more durable than the oft-injured Jones. While both Pro Bowlers can stay healthy for most of the season, watch out.

Jones generously sacrifices his number 11

#11 to her retirement. I tried to give it to him, but he wouldn’t take it. Respect – AJ Brown (@1kalwaysopen_) June 8, 2021 The Titans must have been thrilled on Sunday to have Jones on hold, but shortly thereafter they encountered an unexpected problem. Jones wore No. 11 during his 10 seasons with the Falcons. Similarly, Brown wore the number 11 for two seasons with the Titans. So who will wear the number in Tennessee this year? On Tuesday, Brown spoke on Twitter and said he offered Jones the No. 11 pick, but Jones selflessly declined. #11 until I retire. I tried to give it to him, but he wouldn’t take it. With respect, Brown wrote.

What number should Jones wear on the Titans team?

Now that Jones has to trade the number 11 for another number, which number should he choose? There are several possibilities here. Jones could return to the No. 8 he wore during his college career at Alabama. He played well enough as the eighth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, so he might bring some of that magic. Another option could be the number 82, which he wore throughout his high school career at Foley High School. Both 8 and 82 are available to the Titans. Jones therefore has a difficult decision to make before he even takes to the field with his new team. COMPARED TO: After a reasonable buyout from Julio Jones, it’s time for Bill Belichick to make a long overdue investment.

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