Australian MAFS fans evaporate as Jess is distracted from the Dan affair (Photo: Channel 4)

Australian viewers who were married to First Look went on a rampage against Jessica Power when she stirred up tensions between Nin Surat and Mark Scriven to prevent her affair with Dan Webb from becoming public knowledge.

The sixth season of MAFS Australia – originally filmed in 2019 – is currently airing in the UK on E4, taking viewers on a non-stop adventure of drama.

In the latest episode, the boys and girls met on several nights to discuss the latest developments in their relationship, with fans convinced that Jess and Dan’s romance will finally be revealed.

The boys watched as Dan checked during the experiment to see if he had feelings for another woman, a side of Tamara’s wife, while Tamara was seen asking Jess what had happened between her and Dan – not knowing that the two had had a secret rendezvous and kissed several times for prying eyes.

As Jess was getting more and more nervous about all the girls talking to her about the earlier comments where she said she would like to fuck Dan, she decided to try and shift the focus of the conversation to someone else in the group and threw a bomb at Mark.

Jess told her opposite number Nin, who married Mark in the experiment, that he lies to her all the time and that she and Mick, whom Jess married, plan to go on a trip to track down women after the show ends.

Ning was shocked to learn that Mark lied to him (Photo: Channel 4).

The other girls didn’t believe Jess’ claims (Photo: Channel 4).

I don’t know which façade to follow anymore, I have to try to change my focus, that’s what I’m going to do, Jess told the camera before turning to Ning.

In front of all the other girls, she said to him: He’s lying to you. Mick and Mark both said that when this experiment is over, they are going to make a lot of packages. Mark’s not who you think he is… he’s lying to you.

This revelation was a blow to Nin, who was seen sharing her hopes of finally getting intimate with her husband Mark, as she wants their relationship to move forward.

She questioned Jess’ motives and asked why she hadn’t said it two weeks ago, when Mick had first mentioned it to her.

It was a bit of an ambush. It’s not information you can pull out of a hat. I don’t feel like Jess is covering for me, but what can she lose, Ning said.

She asked Jess: Where was it two weeks ago? Before it was added: Thanks for letting me know, that’s very nice of you. But I hope you’re doing it for the right reasons.

The public blamed Jess for turning down questions about her feelings for Dan and sabotaging someone else’s relationship to prevent her romance with Dan from coming to light.

Jess digs herself an even bigger hole. She’s babbling to absolve herself! Very sad, tweeted a viewer.

Oh, shit, is Jess going to go after Ning and deviate from him? Somebody get them! !! #MAFSAustralia, added another.

One of them said: Jess is an Awakening who tries to tear down Ning and Mark to save his own skin. #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia #MAFSAustralia (sic)”.

Honestly, the other women called Jess, another bystander said: None of them can read body language? I mean, look at Jess ever since she pulled that crap about Mark #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia #MAFSAU’.

Jess lies so much about Mark and Ning to get attention #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia #MAFSAustralia, claims another.

Not only were fans convinced that Jess was lying about Mark, but her fellow actors also questioned whether she was telling the truth.

Tamara was suspicious of Jess’ intentions with Dan (Photo: Channel 4).

Dan was seen sweating as he was questioned about Jess (Picture: Channel 4).

Jules said she thought it was B, while Tamara said: I think Jess is somehow shifting his problems onto someone else.

This happened after Jess openly denied anything was going on with Dan, at the request of his wife Tamara. She admitted that she found Dan attractive, but insisted that nothing else had happened.

Meanwhile, we saw Dan sweating as the boys approached him to find out if he had feelings for anyone else in the experiment, other than his wife Tam.


He said he thought Jess was handsome, but denied that anything else had happened.

Yes, I’ve talked to Jess at dinners, but nothing else, he told the other boys.

Dan joined the camera: I don’t think it’s fair to say something behind Jess’ back without allowing her to protect herself, I think it’s disrespectful.

MAFS Australia is available in streaming on all 4.

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