MagLev is an innovative adjustment feature on the GAN 13 that allows you to tweak the magnetic force between the core and corners. This feature is unique to this model, as it only requires eight adjustments per corner, as compared to the 24 adjustments needed by most competitors. You adjust the magnetic force by inserting a metal tool into the adjusting slot on the D-layer. After that, you turn the white wheel while pushing the metal tool away from you. This pulls the magnetic rod away from the inner core magnets, reducing the magnetic force.

MagLev 3×3

MagLev 3×3 cube is an upgrade of the previous RS3M 2020 speed cube, using a revolutionary new magnet levitation tensioning system. It is one of the most popular magnetic speed cubes available. Its unique design allows you to control the speed and strength of the magnet levitation while you’re playing.

It has an improved turning experience, thanks to 48 pieces of magnets. It is also easier to control and stable to play with. Its design also features an enhanced corner cutting mechanism. In addition, the MagLev system eliminates the metallic sound that occurs when turning the layers. This means a quieter and smoother experience while solving the cube.

MagLev technology uses magnetic repulsion and compression to create a smoother ride. This allows the cube to turn in reverse without losing its shape and feel. However, it also adds 5 grams to the cube’s weight. Therefore, the 2020 RS3M is slightly heavier than the previous model. The weight difference is a tradeoff for improved speed.

Repulsion performance

The GAN 13 will feature 88 magnets and will have a synchronous magnetic attraction and repulsion performance. It will also have complete numerical tuning and 216 settings. This will increase the repulsion performance and make it more stable and smooth. It is also designed for high-speed maglev travel.

Center travel

The GAN 13 MagLev is a three-dimensional cube with magnetic properties. When used with magnetic rods, it allows the user to change the magnetic force between the core and corners. With this feature, users only have to make eight adjustments per edge, compared to twenty-four adjustments on most competing cubes. This feature requires the user to insert a metal tool in the slot on the inner box and turn the D-layer half a turn to adjust the center travel. In addition to the metal tool, a blue cube bag is included to protect it from scratches. Other accessories include a GAN 13 MagLev collector’s card and a pamphlet with instructions.