The Xbox Wireless Headset is a great device to work with, thanks to some clever design ideas and above average sound. There are also a few things that aren’t exactly terrible, but aren’t excellent either, like the microphone and battery life. Nonetheless, this headset is a gold mine and the useful features far exceed what you would find in a $100 headset. While the headset can’t compete with very high-end home theater headsets, it’s a reliable mid-range headset that’s easy to customize for everyday Xbox use.

Xbox Wireless Headset – Design and features

The wireless Xbox headphones are in a class of their own. Made of dark plastic with a hint of Xbox green on the housings, the mix of thin, sharp edges on the top band and imprecise concentric circles on the outer ear cups and ear pads creates a striking look that is both sleek and open. Like Sony’s Pulse 3D headset, it’s very similar to its counterpart in terms of comfort.

Upper range

The adjustable top strap, made of hard plastic with a steel inner rim, looks flimsy, but is adjusted to fit my wide, pretty, dandy head. The sides of the strap can be slid out so you can change the fit: There is a response from the material when you change, allowing you to track your fit, but it lacks a visual indicator to help you compare the changes on either side. The inside of the rod is made of a synthetic leather, which is hard, as beautiful as it is. Of course, at only 10.97 ounces, the padding shouldn’t hold that much weight on your head.


The headphones are also encased in durable leather and foam. This filling forms a seal which, on the whole, causes a slight but noticeable detachment of the fall sound. In general, the filling can be a bit tyrannical. Although the space inside the headphones is huge, I sometimes noticed that some of the padding rested uncomfortably against the base of the ear. This has been corrected, but further indicates that the cups may be too small or too tight. The headphones have 40 mm drivers that produce a pure, clear sound.

The best thing about the Xbox Wireless Headset is how easy and smooth the headset controls are. Instead of opening the back of the helmet with a bunch of unreadable latches, the controls are blown up with buttons and a few latches that are easy on the feel. The outer circles of the helmet turn the knobs: Your right ear controls the volume, your left the play/speech mix. There are only two fasteners on the left hull: On the back is a long, closely spaced mix/on/off button. At the bottom, at the base of the microphone, there is a spirit level into which you insert a character catcher. Finally, there’s a slightly locked USB-C port on the preferred earpiece, in the gap between the internal earpiece holder and the external dial. Their position and shape mean you’ll never confuse one control with another once you’ve figured out where everything is supposed to be, making them infinitely more useful than most controls found on headsets today.


As for the microphone, it has its ups and downs. When testing the microphone in Logitech Capture, which I use to prepare video calls, I noticed that the microphone adds a slight metallic tone to high notes. Also, the squat is too short to be adjusted for the mouth. But amazingly, it captures your voice unmistakably. All in all, the Pulse 3D headset also receives a lot of ambient noise.

In either case, shuffling is incredibly simple: you just hold down the right flap on the headset for a few seconds, then hold down the right flap on the Xbox or shuffle Bluetooth to your computer or mobile phone. The headset plays the sound from the last device you paired it with. So you still need to choose the right device when you change devices.

Battery life

However, the battery life is a bit short. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Wireless Headset would last up to 15 hours in stand-alone mode. My tests showed that he could hold out for the whole day of the race. Many of the headsets we’ve tried, like the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 and the Razer Nari Ultimate, last up to 20 hours, but that can mean the difference between three and four days of regular gaming.

Xbox Wireless Headset– Program

The Xbox wireless headset allows you to make basic equalization settings and other adjustments on Xbox consoles and PCs through the Microsoft Xbox accessory application. The app allows you to change the levels of the headset, using a set of presets or by creating your own profiles, but you cannot save custom profiles. You can also activate automatic mute and microphone control or change the microphone indicator light.

Depending on your opinion, the application is either vulnerable or needs to be upgraded. From the PC instructions, the settings here are the bare minimum. On the Xbox, however, where design applications are still rare, any customization is superior. In fact, even with some gross errors – for example: if there is an information test on my Elite : Series 2 controllers, shouldn’t the headset mic sound be controlled? – this would be an upgrade for most Xbox gamers.

Xbox wireless headset – In-game performance

The Xbox wireless headset offers silent sound so you’re always in range. Like other mid-range rifles and helmets, it emits the low-frequency sound that suddenly pops up when bullets take off and it gets sensitive, like in Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops. Unlike other headphones, however, its deep weaknesses do not affect its sound outside of these conditions. In Control, the exchanges in the game are fresh and clear. The recurring Hiss sound remains mostly in the reverberating messages from the past. Plus, Fuser gives you a large area between channels so you can dive into individual parts of your mix.

The Xbox Wireless Headset supports many Xbox virtual sound principles, including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone:X. With Dolby Atmos, my first choice of the three, the headset delivers solid, high-quality surround sound. At the controls, I felt like the sound of Hiss enveloped me. In Call of Duty, I could see the direction of my footsteps and find an enemy by the sound of a gunshot going right past my head. Overall, even with Atmos, the Xbox Wireless headset is far from the same spatial feel as Sony’s Tempest frame on the PS5, especially when paired with the Pulse 3D headset.

In non-game environments, the headset has more tactile limitations. After plugging into Spotify, I noticed that songs like Love Again sidetracked Dua Lipa. The music is clear, but some parts of the melody feel like they’ve been compressed. Such smooth sound points are not uncommon for a gaming headset, especially in this price range. At the same time, I would prescribe it to the Xbox gamer far more than the PC gamer, where there are more options with brilliant and full sound.

Final thoughts

The wireless Xbox headphones are very durable. Its clever design, unusual operating format and ease of use make it a charming and user-friendly instrument. Sound too, while not stunning, is as good or better than most Xbox headsets in this price range, with a microphone that is clear as long as there isn’t too much ambient noise. For most Xbox gamers, this should look like a perfect redesign and tweak. And don’t forget that with the rise of the PC, there are more and more solid options in that market, making it harder to sell to gamers who only play on the PC.

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