The mountain lion that attacked a woman in Atascadero, California on Monday night has been shot and killed.

The where do mountain lions live is a question that has been asked for years. It is believed that the mountain lion population in Atascadero, California, was attacked because of the lack of food and water.

Mountain lions have been reported as murdering cattle and pets by locals.

On Friday, August 20th, the article was updated.

Kelly Bobbitt began paying attention to the reports when he lost a goat in January. He used the Nextdoor App to track reports of mountain lion sightings in his Atascadero neighborhood, which began in November of 2020. Some of the incidents were livestock assaults, while others had humans coming into touch with this mountain lion (or lions) that did not back away.

Several sightings of the mountain lion in daytime and at night have been recorded on video and pictures and posted on the Next Door App. The sightings and assaults have all occurred within a fairly defined region that includes CA HWY 41, Santa Cruz Rd., Monterey Rd., and Santa Ana. 

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


“This may be due to the fact that I only get feeds from those regions Nextdoor,” Bobbitt speculated, “or the lion is utilizing Graves Creek as a highway.”

A Ring Security Camera footage of the lion pulling a cat from a tree near Graves Creek was also circulating on Facebook at one time.

“In the past two nights, my blood pressure has been elevated,” Bobbitt said. “Three goats were murdered on August 1st, and two goats were slain on August 2nd, on two farms next to each other. Both of these places are only a few doors down from me.”

The following are the reports that residents have made on the Nextdoor App:

• 3 goats slaughtered, 1 goose killed, and 1 personal contact in December 2020

• One goat was slain, one sheep was slaughtered, and one human was killed in January.

• March: A mountain lion attacks a local dog.

• 1 goat was murdered in April.

• In June, two goats were slain, two alpacas were murdered, and one human was killed.

• 4 sheep were slaughtered in July.

• 5 goats were murdered in August.

“When Fish and Wildlife came out in the afternoon after our goat was attacked—with video evidence—the Wildlife Biologist told me that Fish and Wildlife is unable to act because of political pressure,” Bobbitt said. “I think many of the individuals listed above have filled out the Fish and Wildlife Wilderness Incident reports, which are intended to prompt Fish and Wildlife to take action, at But it seems that they are either not receiving them or are disregarding them, using the excuse that “if no one reports this, we can’t do anything.” When we had another problem lion in the neighborhood many years ago, they promptly dealt with it. But this one is taking forever.”

Both the city and the regional Fish and Wildlife agency were contacted for comment.

“Since December 1, 2020, the Atascadero Police Department (APD) is only aware of four instances reported to us of livestock being killed by mountain lions for a total of five goats and two alpacas,” the city of Atascadero replied on Thursday, Aug. 19. APD always responds to any complaints of individuals in danger, but no reports of mountain lions following or presenting imminent dangers to humans have been received.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there mountain lions in Atascadero California?


Can you shoot a mountain lion if it attacks you?

No, if a mountain lion attacks you, you should run away.

Has anyone been killed by a mountain lion?

No one has been killed by a mountain lion.

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