Last week, Black Light returned for its fourth and final season, which shows that Freeland – and the Pierce family – have changed dramatically since Marks War and its occupation by the A.S.A. last season. Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) gave up his role as Black Lightning as he struggled with the pain of Bill Henderson’s death. Lynn (Christine Stewart) used metahuman serums to give herself strength and Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jen (China Anne McClain) fought crime as Thunder and Lightning. Meanwhile, the new police chief has made it clear that she wants to rid the city of Metahumans, and Tobias Keith (Marvin Crondon Jones III) is back, this time as a decent citizen with dark plans for Freeland.

This week, Pierce and Freeland continue to struggle through this new normal of grief, pain and gang warfare on the city streets. If you need important details and stories from this week’s episode, we’re here to help. Here are the main plot points of the reconstruction book: Chapter 2: Unacceptable losses. Attention: full spoilers for the next episode. Only read if you really want to know.

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Chief Lopez doubles down on his anti-mutant crusade and informs the police that they will be getting a new generation of even deadlier DEG weapons against metahumans. Meanwhile, the war between the gang of 100 La La and Lady Eve’s Cobra Cartel (currently led by Destiny, since Lady Eve disappeared after the war) rages on in the city. During the filming of the episode, a teacher from Garfield High School is killed, despite Anissa’s medical intervention and the intervention of Lightning’s vigilante.



Jefferson has nightmares about Henderson’s death that make him get up, go outside and scream, exerting his powers until he passes out. Lynn finds him the next morning, but he continues not to communicate with her. Later that day, Tobias approaches him and it turns out that Tobias’ new serum makes him immune to Black Lightning’s powers. He tells Jefferson that he is going to destroy everything and everyone he loves. After the death of the son of one of his teachers, Jefferson goes to therapy alone and again argues with Gumby when the latter does not give him information about the gang member who killed the child. Later Jefferson calls T.C. and gets this information to burn the man and demand his surrender.



Lynn is alone in therapy, and the therapist assumes she has nothing to do outside of work and home. When the skirmish is over, she sprays herself with one of the gauges and helps generate wind power. She is able to save Lightning from death, but she hurts herself. She later confesses to Jefferson, who claims she was only selling drugs. Jen and Anissa also confront her and say she’s a risk. But when violence erupts again, Lynn takes revenge, even though it’s clear her family’s words are weighing heavily on her.


Jennifer and Anissa

Jennifer apparently decided not to go to college, and saw life as a Zippy as the best alternative. It has also been revealed that he uses energy from the upper atmosphere to heal, which is a danger.

Unable to save the child from being shot, Anissa goes out as Blackbird, captures both La La and Destiny and brings them to her. She says the parking lot where homeless people congregate – and where a child was shot – is illegal for gang violence. After some tension, all parties agree, although the gangs clearly see this as an opportunity for their future business.



Gambi realizes that Monavista is delivering the next generation of DEG and, after a dinner with Lauren (Elena Varela), turns down her job offer again. He later broke into Monvista and obtained information about their weapons from their system. The next day he visited Lauren and accepted another job offer from her – in her research department, presumably as part of her plan to work with DEG.



Tobias injects himself with something, a new serum. He buys Browning’s neighborhood, but we don’t know what his purpose is, and then he hacks Lynn’s lab.


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