Another climate catastrophe is imminent: The Pacific island nation of Fiji is preparing for the tropical cyclone Yasa. It increases with wind speeds between 80 and 155 mph. The storm will bring torrential rains that can cause floods and landslides. A rough sea and a storm tide. People living in low-lying coastal areas will be affected.

The combination of these conditions can leave a trail of destruction. Cyclone Yasa is already classified as a Category 5 storm by the standard used in Australia, Fiji and other South Pacific countries.

The American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) points to the possibility of widespread damage as a result of the hurricane. This may be due to well-built houses, apart from uprooted trees, fallen utility poles and damage to infrastructure.

Energy losses may occur in these regions and, in such situations, the provision of renewable energy systems can help reduce human suffering. Solar energy, a renewable form of energy, will play an important role over the next ten years. It will also be difficult to move from one place to another because of road debris caused by floods and landslides. Many remote areas may be isolated.

CNN quoted Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama: Every Fijian now has to prepare for heavy rains, devastating winds, coastal floods and floods all over the country.

I strongly encourage congregations to use this time to take steps to secure their homes and communities. He said it in a message to the nation.

Hurricanedue to global warming

The number of incidents relating to cyclones is increasing. Fiji will take on Yasa, while another Zazu will pass in front of Tonga. They had winds of about 62 mph, and since there were no other land masses in their path, this would not be a problem.

In recent years, however, severe cyclones have increasingly emerged in the Pacific.

CNN reports that the Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama, believes that these events are the result of climate change. He blames it on global warming. This factor is responsible for forest fires in Australia and storms in the Pacific. In March 2019, cyclone Aidai hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, killing at least 500 people.

The next month Cyclone Kenneth again focused on Mozambique. He left 38 dead.

HurricaneHarold hit Vanuatu and Fiji in April.

Frank Bainimarama adds that the extent of global warming will determine the extent and frequency of forest fires. They will increase, as will the intensity of heat-related tropical cyclones. Forest fires disturb the ecological balance of the region by destroying the vegetation cover.

People and animals lose their habitat and the infrastructure is brutally damaged. Restoration is a long process and requires financial resources. In addition, the tropical cyclone hit Harold Fiji and Vanuatu in April. CNN describes it as the worst storm that ever hit the coastline, and Vanuatu was a victim of it.

School closures announced Prior to cyclone Yasa

According to the Canberra Times AU, the government has taken precautions and announced the closure of all schools before the arrival of cyclone Yasa. Residents of Fiji have been warned to prepare for a category 5 tropical cyclone. The Fiji Meteorological Service has warned of very fast winds.

A leading meteorologist told a media channel – all the ingredients are there for further intensification. This is a big event for Fiji and it will be very disturbing for the Fijians. April was Hurricane Harold. It killed one person, injured at least 20 people in Fiji, and caused serious damage to homes and farms throughout Vanuatu.

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