It’s not uncommon for students to drop out of a PGDM program midway through their studies. Many of these candidates are unsure of their career options or unsure of their chances of landing a job in this highly competitive economy. Moreover, the job market is shifting, and the future is looking bleak for graduates with no experience.

There are two popular courses for those looking to get their PGDBA or PGDHM degrees in India. One is PGDBA and the other PGDHM. Both of them are required for the purpose of getting a job. However, when it comes to the two courses, the difference between them is quite different. Before going through the differences, let’s first see the characteristics of both the courses:

The progression from undergraduate to post-graduate studies is a time of great changes. For higher studies, there are more diverse and varied choices for the students. The courses taken are not necessarily quite the same, and the questions which can be asked are equally varied. When it comes to PG students, there are two kinds of courses, one is PGD in which the students undergo the courses in the syllabus of the course and the other is PGD in which they undertake the courses of their choice.

Management is the best career opportunity a student can imagine, regardless of their field of study, be it science, art or business. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management have their own value. But to get a higher position, you need to pursue a postgraduate course with sufficient marks at one of the best B-schools. After reading this article, the first thing that comes to mind is which course is best for you. Choosing the right path is a simple task, but make sure you choose a course based on your interests and preferences. In our opinion, PGP and PGDM are two options you should consider.

PGP or Post Graduate programs are less popular among business students. On the other hand, PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is the most popular management course. Both courses can be continued after the baccalauréat. Many students mistakenly believe that the two fields of study are identical in terms of curriculum and production requirements. We have listed here some aspects that show that there is a big difference between the two.

Difference between PGP and PGDM

PGP versus PGDM – selection criteria

Criteria for approval of the FMP

PGP is a flagship management course offered by a renowned institute namely Indian Institute of Management. The PGP or Post Graduate Programme is similar to the MBA in terms of curriculum, duration and admission. The full details of PGP authorization are listed below:

  • Candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university are eligible for the PGP.
  • Candidates participating in the final exams of their final year are also eligible.
  • Candidates must score at least 50% on the final exam.
  • In case of reserved category, 45% marks are accepted for admission to the PGP.
  • PGP scores may vary by institution (independent institutions).

Eligibility criteria for the MDMP

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management course is offered by private institutes in India. Applicants seeking admission to the MDMP must meet the basic eligibility criteria listed below:

  • Those who have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university can apply for the PGDM.
  • Candidates who are in their final year or have completed final exams may also apply.
  • Participants must score at least 50% on the qualifying exam.
  • The reserve category requires a minimum score of 45% to be admitted to the MDMP.
  • It is also offered by a private institute, so the duration of study may vary accordingly.

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PGP vs. PGDM – Duration

Duration of the PGP

The PGP course is offered by IIMs for a one year certification course divided into 4 semesters. It may be extended to 2.5 years in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IIM. In addition, a two- and three-month training program is integrated into the two-year training period.

Duration of the MDMP

The duration of PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme is 2 years divided into 6 terms and a training programme of 2 to 3 months. The duration may vary from institute to institute.

PGP vs. PGDM –Reception process

PGP connection process

Most private institutes organize their own entrance exams. But candidates who want to participate in the IIMA PGP can go through a two-step process. It’s simple: Admission to this two-year PGP program is on the basis of the relevant entrance exam, such as CAT. Initially, the candidates have to appear for the AWT (Analytical Written Test) after fulfilling all the eligibility requirements. The selected candidates then undergo a series of personal interviews. In general, you need to pass the CAT exam to get admitted to the PGP.

If you want to get admission in a management college, you need to take entrance exams like CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/GMAT.

Approval process DMMP

Both private and public institutes offer PGDM courses in India. Admission to PGDM in most of the private institutes like IIMs is done through national entrance exams like CAT, MAT etc. However, some leading business schools admit PGDM based on competitive exams like XAT.

PGP vs. PGDM – affiliation/approval

PGP affiliation/authorization

The graduate program in management can only be offered by institutes and colleges registered as autonomous organizations like IIMs. IIMs are only allowed to offer certificate and diploma courses, such as PGP and PGDM. They are not affiliated with any university and are not recognized by the UGC. Therefore, the postgraduate management education program is recognized as a certificate course and regulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

PGDM affiliation/approval

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a course offered by some private institutes in India like IIMs. IIMs are autonomous institutions that are not affiliated to a university or college. The IIM institutes are the only ones established to offer courses such as diploma courses and management certification courses. Even MBA courses cannot be offered by them due to their independent status. Generally, in India, PGDM course can be offered by AICTE recognized B-schools. These institutes are directly approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

PGP vs. PGDM –experience required

Requirements for the PGP experience

For the PGP course no experience is required. In the case of contamination, candidates must gain extensive work experience through on-the-job training during the training period. In general, no experience is required to obtain the PGP.

Experience required for the MDMP

Due to the popularity of this course, some private schools require some experience. Three to four years of experience is required to be enrolled in such an institution. If you choose a specialized PGDM program, the experience requirement can be as high as 5-15 years.

PGP vs. PGDM – The curriculum and its flexibility

PGP Curriculum

As mentioned earlier, the PGP course is offered by independent institutions. Thus, the flexibility of the rates may depend on the demand of the companies and industries that hire them. The PGP course curriculum consists of two semesters. One semester is devoted to 3 courses, including the core courses, and the second semester is devoted to electives, where you can choose any course based on your interests.

Although the programme may vary from institute to institute, the standard two-year PGP course consists of six sessions. Below is the programme for the first year of the PGP course:

First-year program :

Semester 1 – Financial accounting, organizational management, marketing management, microeconomics and quantitative methods.

Semester 2 – Business finance, Macroeconomics, Business communication, Management of people and performance in an organization, Quantitative methods 2, Marketing research and solutions.

Semester 3 – Business Law, Competition and Strategy, Indian Trade and Politics, Management Accounting, Information Systems and Analysis, Operations Management.

Sophomore program :

The second year programme includes a range of electives, listed below:

  • Econometrics
  • Data mining for business decisions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Performance Management
  • International Finance
  • Product and brand management
  • Planning and execution of customer experiences
  • Information technology and consultancy
  • Data visualization for managers
  • The fundamentals of strategic advice
  • Private equity and venture capital

PGDM Curriculum

The MDMP curriculum covers two areas: Core and elective courses. Major courses are offered by the institutes in terms of Semester I, Semester II, etc.

Semester I Program – Organizational behavior, quantitative methods, business communication, operations management-I, business economics, accounting and controlling-I.

Semester II Program – Financial Management I, Macroeconomics, Marketing Management, Quantitative Methods, etc.

Semester III Program – Financial Management-II, Marketing Management, Operations Management-II, Research Methodology, Marketing Management-II, Management Information System, Human Resource Management.

Programme of the fourth semester – Business Environment (Indian and world economy) and Strategic Management

List of electives

  • International Trade
  • Business Forecast
  • International Finance
  • Analysis of banking activities
  • Analysis and evaluation of the company
  • Supply chain management, etc.

PGP vs. PGDM – Objective

Purpose of the PMP

The Graduate Program in Management is a master’s program that offers candidates both management skills and lucrative career opportunities. The course provides pedagogical and practical knowledge through internships and real-life projects. The main objective of this course is to prepare candidates for employment in IT companies, the financial sector, consulting firms and multinationals. The course is specifically designed for people who are already in a profession, but want to take a management course to have good job prospects.

Objective of the MDMP

The PGDM course provides knowledge about various aspects of management and business. The main objective of the PGDM is to train IT and business professionals. The curriculum sharpens the minds of the candidates and prepares them for the challenges of real life.

PGP vs. PGDM –Operational Profiles

PGP Job Profiles

A PGP certificate holder can work as a business consultant, financial manager, operations manager, ITES, technical consultant, sales and marketing analyst, etc. You can also look for jobs in the public sector.

PGDM Job Profiles

After successful completion of the PGDM course, candidates can find jobs in the private and public sectors. You are a project manager, data analyst, accountant, tax specialist, consultant, etc.


Both courses, PGDM and PGP, are valuable and sought after by students. These two are known as the best option for management. As described above, there is a slight difference between the two. So before you decide on a course, you should study all the details, from start to finish.

The post PGP Vs PGDM: The post What’s the difference? appeared first on CoursesXpert.What’s the difference between PGDM and PGP? Some may say that both are similar to MBA degrees, but are they really? Both PGDM and PGP are postgraduate degree programs that require 3 to 5 years of full time studies. Both PGDM and PGP are also known as Master of Business Administration or Management program. So, what’s the difference?. Read more about pgp program and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PGP equivalent to PGDM?

PGP (or PGPDM) is a certificated degree course, equivalent to PGDM, which is in demand in every country. Unlike PGDM, PGP is not a degree program but a Post Graduate Diploma in a particular industry. As PGDM is a mandatory degree there is a dearth of PGPDM graduates. PGP is a clever solution to the problem. Before we begin, it’s important to know that PGP is not the same as PGDM, but that doesn’t mean they are not related.

Which is better MBA or PGP?

To help you decide, here’s an example: If you want to become a Product Engineer, then you can gain the expertise to become a Product Engineer. Also, you can prepare for the GMAT through the GMAC. On the other hand, if you want to become a Management Assistant, then you can prepare only for the CAT. The only difference is that you can prepare for the GMAT through the GMAC or the CAT through the CAT. One of the subjects that students of business and commerce often come across in interviews is ‘which is better: MBA or PGP?’ While both qualification courses are sought after by many in the corporate world, what is the difference between both these courses?

Is PGP MBA same as IIM?

The spread of computer education has led to the growth of professionals with computer skills at the par of IT professionals. The concept of PCM is to provide a methodology for the development of those professionals, and this is the reason the PGP has become the most popular option of PCM for the corporate sector. If you are planning for PGDM and PGP MBA and are confused about the difference between the two, here I will provide you the difference between the two. PGDM : It is an education system which is provided by the Post Graduate Department of Management at the institute of management studies to students who are looking to pursue higher education in business administration. PGP : It is an education system which is provided by the Post Graduate Programme in PGP MBA, or PGP (Professional Graduate Programme) is an IIM (Indian Institute of Management) course and is a 2-year full-time program. It is a post-undergraduate program that helps people get the IIM (Indian Institute of Management) experience. The PGP MBA has a goal of providing top-quality education to candidates who are in their early 20s. This is a good option for people who are keen on pursuing management roles and not yet sure of their career goals.

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