NFL fans are looking forward to the LV Super Bowl between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs next month. The game promises to be an exciting battle between six-time champion Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, last year’s Super Bowl MVP. Tom Brady will try to make history by becoming the second quarterback to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl title. However, Brady’s former rival, Peyton Manning, recently took aim at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback in his popular football show.

Manning recently made a joke about Deflategate on his ESPNshow.

Since his retirement from the NFL, Mr. Manning has hosted a program called Peyton’s Places, which airs on ESPN+.

The popular media analyst made history during his playing career by leading the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos to Super Bowl victories. While many experts expect Brady to repeat Manning’s performance, the former NFL MVP targeted Brady with jokes about the deflation scandal. On a recent episode of The Place, Peyton Manning interviewed actor Kurt Russell, and the two talked about the 1986 film Best of Times. Russell plays a quarterback in the film and reveals that he uses slightly smaller balls to improve his grip because he injured his hand. But Manning intervened and joked that Russell had copied the New England Patriots thing.

Brady and Manning have been at each other’s throats for nearly two decades.

The former Denver Broncos quarterback cited the 2014 deflation scandal, which led the NFL to suspend Brady for four games. The league accused Brady of letting the air out of the balls during the AFC title game between the Indianapolis Patriots and the Colts. The Patriots won the game 45-7, but it was later revealed that Brady had deflated the balls at halftime because he preferred softer balls in his hands.

It will be interesting to see how the 43-year-old quarterback reacts to Manning’s latest sarcasm. The rivalry between the two players lasted almost two decades, and they provided fans with some memorable moments on the field. Brady has won 11 times in 17 games against, but Manning holds a narrow 3-2 lead in the playoffs.

Although the two players used to play against each other, they have since developed a good friendship off the field. Manning hosted Tom Brady in the first season at Peyton Place, and both quarterbacks reflected on their playing careers. But Manning’s recent comments may taint the improvement in his relationship with Brady. Although the former New England Patriots quarterback is considered the best player of all time, some fans have seized on the deflation scandal to question his legacy. However, Brady will have a chance to silence his critics by winning his seventh Super Bowl title.

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