Discover credit cards give you a 10% cash back on all your purchases, and now, you can get up to 40% cash back when you book at an hotel. We’ve found the best deals on hotels for you, and our team has already booked them in advance for you. You can also use your $20 monthly coupon to save even more money.

A lot of people have issues with their credit cards, and it’s easy to see why. They are frustrating, time-consuming to use and easy to get into trouble with. If you’re looking to keep your credit card debt in check, you’re in luck. Discover has a pretty sweet deal for Amazon Prime members. If you are a member, Discover will give you 3% cash back on Amazon purchases and you can also get a $20 Amazon gift card with the Discover card if you meet their minimum spending requirement of $1,000 in purchases in the first six months of having the card.

Amazon is already one of the most popular destinations for online shopping, and it’s only getting more popular. There are over 100 million Amazon Prime members, and there are countless other shoppers who use Amazon for their online shopping needs. However, not everyone is aware of the Discover credit cards that Amazon offers. Discover credit cards offer a wide range of benefits, which are sure to entice any online shopper. Discover credit cards offer cash back on certain purchases, like Amazon, making it a good choice for online shoppers.

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If you have a Discover credit card and shop on Amazon, you may be in luck. That’s because Amazon has extended an offer that may help you save money on a variety of goods sold by the online retailer when you utilize cash back from certain Discover cards.

You may receive up to 40% discount on up to $50 in purchases depending on the offer you’re targeted for, while other cardholders get $10 off a $30 purchase or $10 off a $50 purchase.

Get as much as 40% at Amazon, up to a $20 discount, with your Discover credit card.


With your Discover credit card, you may save up to 40% on Amazon, up to a $20 savings.

If you qualify for any of these deals, you must use Discover cash back to pay for at least a part of your Amazon purchase at checkout to get the discount before the campaign expires. The deals were supposed to expire after Prime Day, but they’ve been extended until September 30. If you were previously targeted for one version of the offer, you may now be targeted for another.

However, there are a few steps you must do before you can take advantage of any of these deals, so we’ve put up a step-by-step guide to guarantee you receive every cent.

To begin, you must have a Discover credit card in order to be considered for this offer. Discover it® Cash Back, Discover it® Miles, and Discover it® Chrome are among them.

If you have one of these cards but haven’t yet linked your Discover account to your Amazon account, you’ll need to do so. Log in to Amazon and add your Discover card as a payment method. Then, under the “Your Account” page, search for the opportunity to enroll in “Shop with Points” (or click here to get to Shop with Points). On the following page, choose the Discover card you just inserted and click the “Enroll” option.

Add your Discover credit card to your Amazon account and enroll in


Enroll in “Shop with Points” after linking your Discover credit card to your Amazon account.

After you’ve connected your accounts, go here to see whether you’re qualified for any offers. Even if you have a Discover card linked to your Amazon account, you may get a notice stating that you are ineligible since they are targeted promotions. If you’ve recently signed up for “Shop with Points,” you may have to wait 24 hours for Amazon’s records to refresh before seeing an offer.

Get one of these credit cards with no annual fee to reduce your spending.

If you’re qualified, click the “Activate promotion” button to begin the process of activating your offer. You may then buy as usual on Amazon, but be sure to choose your connected Discover card as your payment option throughout the checkout process.

To get the discount, you’ll need to use at least 1 Discover cash back point to pay for your purchase. Amazon may apply points for the whole purchase price by default, but you may alter this and specify the amount of cash back you want to apply to your purchase – as low as 1 cent if you wish. The remaining balance may then be paid using your Discover card.

You only need to apply 1 Discover cash back point to your Amazon order to get the discount.


To receive the discount, you just need to apply 1 Discover cash back point to your Amazon purchase.

Fortunately, you’ll earn the same amount of Discover cash back when you redeem it at Amazon as you would if you used a statement credit instead. In other words, $1 in cash back equals $1 at Amazon, so you’re receiving the same 1 cent each point. This is a far better deal than using American Express or Chase points, who often offer Amazon specials for their own card users.

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You’ll see the discount applied to your purchase after you’ve applied at least 1 point to your payment, but keep in mind that it only applies to goods sold directly by Amazon, not most third-party merchants.

The 40% off coupon will be applied to every purchase you make until September 30th, until you reach a total savings of $20. However, to see the discounts show for the other deals, you must make a single transaction with the minimum purchase quantity.

Let’s take a look at some instances of how these Amazon Discover deals may help you save money. The Kindle Paperwhite was named the top affordable e-reader in CNN Underscored’s latest compilation of the best e-readers of 2021. It’s presently available on Amazon for $129.99, but if you qualify for the Discover discount, you can save $20 and buy it for $109.99.

You can get a discount on Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite if you have a targeted Discover credit card.


If you have a certain Discover credit card, you may receive a discount on Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a set of Apple AirPods Pro, they’re now available on Amazon for a reasonable $189.99. When you factor in the Discover discount, you’ll save a total of $20, bringing the price down to $169.99.

Get a $20 discount on Apple's AirPods Pro if you're targeted for Amazon's Discover discount offer.


If you’re eligible for Amazon’s Discover discount, you can save $20 on Apple’s AirPods Pro.

You may also combine this offer with Amazon’s daily discounts or any of Amazon’s category-specific money-saving offers, such as saving $20 on certain cosmetic items when you spend $60.

While these Discover reductions do not apply to Amazon gift cards, they do to many other third-party store gift cards sold through Amazon. And Amazon offers hundreds of choices, including shops like Netflix, DoorDash, Safeway, and others that could be helpful right now.

Take $30 off your grocery bill by buying a gift card to Whole Foods and applying this Discover offer.


By purchasing a Whole Foods gift card and using this Discover deal, you may save $30 on your shopping purchase.

So, even if you don’t have anything you need at the time, you may use the discount to purchase yourself a gift card and save the money for later.

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If you’re not qualified for any of these Discover incentives, keep checking back since consumers who were previously ineligible may become eligible at any moment. Similar deals for Discover cards and other credit cards from Chase, Citibank, Capital One, and American Express reappear throughout the year, so there’s a possibility you’ll be able to save at a later date.

If you don’t have any of these credit cards, make sure to read our guide to make sure you’re using the best credit card for Amazon shopping, even if no discounts are available right now.

Given that Amazon is a popular shopping destination for many people, this offer is a great way to save money if you qualify. So, if you have a Discover credit card, be sure to check it out, and if you’re eligible, receive your discount when you shop on Amazon!

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Discover credit cards can save you money at Amazon ! Whether you shop on Amazon or use your Discover card elsewhere, Discover has a rewards program that lets you earn 40% back on Amazon purchases per year. While the annual fee is only $0 for the first year, the benefits of this card will help you save money on everyday purchases while enjoying a competitively-priced Amazon card.. Read more about amazon credit card and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Discovery discount on Amazon?

You can get a Discovery discount on Amazon by using the code DISCOVERY at checkout.

Does Amazon take Discover credit cards?

Amazon does not currently accept Discover credit cards.

What does adding Discover card to Amazon do?

Adding a Discover card to Amazon will allow you to get cash back on your purchases.

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