A medical scribe is a type of allied health paraprofessional who specializes in recording physician-patient encounters in real time. They also help physicians locate information and complete forms that are required to provide patients with health care. In this role, a medical scribe must be highly organized and detail-oriented to perform their duties effectively. Depending on the field, a medical scribe can earn anywhere between $15 an hour to more than $64,000 per year.

Job duties

The job duties of a medical scribe are varied and are often a combination of various tasks. They prepare operative reports and patient education materials, coordinate referrals, and perform clerical tasks. Additionally, they must have good judgment and excellent attention to detail. Typically, medical scribes are employed in a hospital setting, where their main responsibilities include documenting physician procedures and education materials. They also help the medical team with clerical work, such as maintaining a patient tracking system.

Medical scribes may accompany physicians to patients’ rooms and document their dictations. They also enter lab results, ECGs, and imaging results. They may also be assigned the task of completing discharge instructions under a provider’s direction.

Training requirements

If you are interested in becoming a medical scribe, you may be wondering if there are any specific training requirements. There are many training options, and the one that is right for you depends on what you are looking for. Most training programs will be associated with an employer, and the job description will vary by employer. Getting training is always an advantage, and employers often appreciate your previous experience.

There are on-site or online courses available to train you to become a medical scribe. In addition to providing foundational medical knowledge, these programs will also provide hands-on experience and give you a better understanding of the medical field. Some programs will even provide you with a job upon graduation.


As a medical scribe, you’ll be able to work alongside physicians while learning about medicine, taking notes, and interpreting results. As your experience grows, you might even be able to perform more complex duties on EHR systems, such as data finding and interpretation. You’ll also be responsible for entering data elements and general notes, which can directly impact the quality of care provided to patients. If you’re interested in this career path, you should consider applying for a position with a medical scribe company.

The average compensation for medical scribes varies depending on location, experience, and education. Experienced scribes tend to earn more than new comers. Additionally, medical scribes can expect to be offered common health benefits and paid time off. Employment projections for this profession are expected to grow over the next decade, so you’ll be able to earn a higher salary than before.

Work environment

There are a number of different training programs that you can enroll in to become a medical scribe. These programs are typically offered either online or on-site. They offer training in medical terminology and provide flexible schedules, paid residency training, and assistance in finding employment once you graduate. To qualify for a training program, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

The work environment for medical scribes varies, but most employers prefer someone with at least an associate’s degree. These degree programs typically include coursework in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and pharmacology. Medical scribes will work closely with physicians and other medical staff, as well as front-office staff. You should be aware of any safety precautions you must take, as you may be exposed to blood-borne pathogens and infectious diseases.

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