With the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers squaring off for Super Bowl LII, who will win?

The “najee harris buffalo bills” is a prediction that the 49ers will win the Super Bowl this year.

Steelers’ Najee Harris Likes 49ers to Win Super Bowl


Getty After an overtime play, Najee Harris celebrates.

When you’re a football aficionado but don’t have a dog in the fight, you go to another sport.

And, with the Pittsburgh Steelers having been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, the next best thing is to root for your local club.

That’s exactly what Najee Harris is up to.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie running back is rooting for the San Francisco 49ers.

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Harris, a native of Martinez, Calif., grew up in the San Francisco Bay region and has been a 49ers fan since he was a child. Harris currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but when Pittsburgh is no longer an option, his heart travels wherever it wants.

On CBS HQ, Harris said, “I’m a Niner fan.” “The Niners are a fantastic team. Their defense is outstanding. On offensively, they have a lot of playmakers.”

There’s one 49ers player that Harris thinks is very outstanding.

“Deebo [Samuel] is one of my favorite actors,” Harris stated. “Man, he’s a Swiss army knife.” You could place him wherever, mix-and-match him in the backfield when he’s one-on-one with a linebacker, on an option route, in slots, or in free space. Even simply being out in the open and receiving that one-on-one coverage is beneficial. You know, this guy over here, he’s pretty excellent.”

Because the offensive line is so important to Harris’ game, he has a soft place for the Niners’ unit and tackle Trent Williams.

Steelers against. Steelers: Who Will Win?

Picking the winner of the AFC showdown on Championship Sunday is a bit more difficult. It’s even more poignant since the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t involved.

“The Bengals are a terrific team. “I’m going to tell you,” Harris said. “The Chiefs are as well. They’re both quite powerful attacks. Both teams have a lot of playmakers and talented quarterbacks.”

Despite the fact that he is only in his rookie season, Harris is well-versed with both clubs and their quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow.

The Steelers were swept by Cincinnati in Weeks 3 and 12 this season, after decades of one of the most one-sided rivalries in NFL history. It marked the Bengals’ first sweeping of the Steelers since 2009.

Pittsburgh was thrashed 36-10 by the Chiefs in Week 16 of the regular season, and then again in the wild card round of the playoffs on January 16, less than a month later.

“The Bengals are a fantastic, youthful squad,” Harris remarked. “The Chiefs have a lot of experience and are also very excellent. This is, in a manner, their prime.”

Harris believes both teams will score a lot of points, and the game will come down to who makes the better plays in key situations. “When it counts most, it’s who makes the plays… the defenders have to come up big time.”

For the AFC, Harris’ ultimate answer is Cincinnati. “If I had to select one dude, I’d go with the Bengals, man,” he said. “I believe they will play in the Super Bowl, and the Niners will win.”

“I’m definitely going to cheer them on from the comfort of my own home, where I can put my feet up and relax.” I’m not sure if I’ll be at the game, but I’ll be there for moral support, and I’m wearing my [Colin] Kaepernick shirt, dude, and start chillin’.”

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