According to Florida-based Aerion, international travel could soon become supersonic. The commercial aircraft is currently on a nine-hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Aerion expects to reduce this time to two and a half hours by the end of the decade. The company has unveiled its AS3TM airliner. It can carry up to 50 passengers and reach speeds close to those of the Mac-4+. That means a speed of about 3000 miles per hour with a range of about 8000 miles. It will appeal to the part of the passengers that is under great pressure over time.

The company confirms that the aircraft is in its final stages and that it is using feedback from potential customers to incorporate the latest concepts into the AS3TM. The company wants to increase its efficiency while reducing its impact on the environment.

The Daily Mail UK reports that Aerion has entered into a partnership with NASA’s Langley Research Center. The goal is to speed up high-speed commercial flights to travel faster from point to point. The goal is commercial supersonic flight. A senior Aerion executive describes the company’s vision. The idea is to create a situation where it will be possible to travel between two points on our planet in three hours.

He is Tom Vice, President, Chairman and CEO of the company. For him, supersonic flight is the starting point. The concept of air travel has changed since the Wright brothers. Space agencies are pursuing colonization of Mars, and the pace is accelerating.

The world goes supersonic.

Aerion plans to launch its AS2 business jet earlier than the AS3TM.

The AS2 could therefore become operational in 2027, once all the formalities have been completed. Tom Wies wants to push the boundaries. The preliminary plan is to produce 300 aircraft at Aeryon Park in Melbourne, Florida. The Daily Mail UK adds that the facility will examine various aspects of production. It will be a fully integrated campus, able to manage both production and testing, including flight testing.

Production of the AS2 could begin in 2023, followed by flight tests in 2025 and commissioning in 2027. Apparently the facility will be a huge complex with all the facilities in one place. This will alleviate logistical problems. Aerion has partnered with other companies working on a new form of supersonic passenger transport. In May 2018, the media reported on NASA and its plans for a supersonic aircraft that could fly from New York to London in three hours.

Aerion optimistic about supersonic flight

Tom Wyss believes that Aeryon is the market leader in supersonic jets. He said big names are involved in the project to promote the concept of supersonic flight. Some of them are well known in the aerospace industry.

It’s about reintroducing supersonic flight. His plan is to have a carbon neutral plane from day one. In this way, the AS2 will give new meaning to the future of air transport. In wind tunnel test flights, it has already covered the equivalent of 78,000 nautical miles. This aircraft can claim to be the world’s first supersonic business class aircraft. By the way: A prototype of the Air Force One hypersonic high-speed aircraft is in development.

Concorde was the first supersonic passenger airliner.

According to CNN, the Aerion AS3 will replace Concorde, the first supersonic passenger jet. The operation was shut down 17 years ago for various reasons. The problems were high environmental emissions, excessive noise and high operating costs.

Tom Vice admitted it to the media in 2020 – Concorde was a brilliant instrument…. What we are trying to do is different. The company opens its world headquarters in Florida. Boom Supersonic has raised $33 million for a prototype commercial aircraft.

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