Game development is the area where teams are involved in creating a game and bringing it to market. Until a few decades ago, game development was limited to consoles and PCs. Today, the field has undergone tremendous development. This is thanks to the powerful processors and GPUs that let gamers enjoy an immersive experience. You will find organizations that are passionate about developing games for mobile phones, which are a major source of revenue for companies. The mobile gaming field has a lot to offer, and the industry has proven that with games like Call of Duty and PUBG.

The world of games is very fascinating, and many people aspire to become game developers. A career in the game industry also offers good prospects. Moreover, the rate of growth is phenomenal and there are now over 2.5 billion games in the world. Companies are investing in cloud gaming and launching their own platforms. The Apple Arcade & PS Plus network is an example of this.

The Indian gambling market is worth about $900 million and a large part of the revenue also comes from advertising. As the number of professional gamers grows, so does the role of game developers. If you are also interested in becoming a game developer in India, browse through the following sections. We covered all kinds of information about working as a game developer.

Main responsibilities of the game developer

There are basically two sectors in the industry. One of these areas is game development and the other is game design. Talk about game development: It involves a coding process to bring the animated characters to life. Game designers are responsible for concept and character development. The computer code supports all the customization options if a game that the game developer needs. In other words, the game designer is part of the creative team that primarily visualizes the games and the story. Graphic design is also a part of game design, and it often determines how the game turns out.

As mentioned earlier, the game developer will focus on gameplay. They work on the technical aspect of game development. They often include programming languages such as C++, Lua and Perl. There may be other programming languages in which the game is developed. Before you start learning game development, you need to understand that you will be involved in coding the game. They also help at the start of the game when it’s over. They are also responsible for bug fixes and patches.

Skills required to work as a game developer

You understand the difference between a game developer and a game designer. The next thing you need to understand are the skills you need for a career in the gaming industry.  Let’s look at some of the following.

  • You need to acquire programming skills. You can start learning to program at a young age. Children in level 8 can also learn and develop their programming skills. This factor is useful for game development, as you will have strong technical skills by the time you enter the market.
  • The games are complex and require hours of development. In this case, you should also be able to manage your time well. Normally, the development time of a PS or Xbox game can take years. In this case, you need to have time management skills so that you don’t give up even when deadlines are tight, and you can meet them without any problems.
  • The next important skill here is problem solving. As you travel, you will encounter thousands of errors, and you must have the patience and ability to fix them. Innovative thinking is another skill needed to get into the gaming industry.
  • It is useful to understand the culture and psychology of the population. This will help you develop the character, and you can give it the right dynamics. This way you can also keep the player interested in the game.
  • The next important thing is that you have soft skills. In the coding industry, the communication aspect is often neglected, and this is a bad practice. Good communication skills can help you in your career development.

Career opportunities for game developers

Game developers are responsible for creating the framework of the game, and it is impossible to run the game without a developer. They help to superimpose movement, light and sound into the designer’s artwork. To make this virtual world work, millions of lines of code are needed. There are also many opportunities for a career as a game developer. Check out some of them below.

  • AI programmer – The AI programmer is responsible for the behavior of computer symbols and the behavior of objects controlled by the computer. This includes controlling and responding to your opponent. All this requires characters and computer elements to have AI capabilities, and that is the job of the AI programmer.
  • Software Engineer – The Software Engineer is responsible for developing the overall framework of the game. She is also responsible for the development and fluidity of the characters. Often there is an architect who determines the underlying architecture of the software. Another thing to note is that the software developer tries to optimize the game so that it can make the best use of the computer’s specifications.
  • 2D and 3D Game Developer – The next area is the development of 2D or 3D games. You can find both types of games on the market. 2D games are relatively easy to make and cost less money and effort. 3D games are huge, and they also require a significant amount of resources. In this case, you must decide which field to enter.
  • Senior Programmer – Once you are in the industry and have gained experience, you can also become a senior programmer. The lead programmer is similar to the lead developer, and one of their roles is to lead the team and the work.

Game developer course – Course

The next important thing is the course you can take to become a game developer. Several courses are offered, both a certificate course and a diploma course. The length of the course depends on this, as a diploma generally takes 6 months and a bachelor’s degree 3 to 4 years. We will not go into the admissions process and other details of these courses, but we will discuss which courses you can take. See details below.

  • Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Application Development
  • Preparatory degree in game programming
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Animation Design and Development
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science and game development
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Animation.

You can choose a university that offers these courses and enroll there. However, there are some factors to consider when learning the trade. We have listed some of these factors in the following paragraphs.

  • You need to check the location of the institute, the selection criteria and the admission procedure.
  • You need to check the accreditation of the institute and you can also check the services of the labour institute.
  • You need to check the duration of the course and the cost of the institute. That way, you can ensure that the course stays within budget.

If you want to know which subjects you will study during these courses, you can consult the list below. These points remain more or less the same. The breadth of knowledge and topics covered will undoubtedly vary. It is more important to understand software development to enter the field of game development. Once you’re in the business, you can learn and advance your career. Here are the things you can learn.

  • 3D Animation
  • Algebra
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Audio and Mixology Foundation
  • Calculation
  • Computer graphics and GPU
  • Computer Interface and Operation
  • Computer networks and communication
  • Drawing and animating
  • Playground equipment and architecture
  • Game Integration
  • The physics of play and movement
  • Production of games
  • Game Theory
  • Geometry
  • Modelling and sculpting
  • Operating systems
  • Programming languages
  • Software development
  • Trigonometry
  • Writing skills

Game developers’ salaries and future prospects

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the entertainment industry. Some games have made over $1 billion in profits in just a few days since their launch. One of those games is Grand Theft Auto V. That gives you an idea of how big the gaming industry is. Speaking of roles: Sales of the game continue to grow very quickly. As a game developer, you have the opportunity to work in an industry with unlimited growth opportunities. Another contributing factor to this industry is the fact that professional gaming and game streaming have become a profession in their own right.

Speaking of salary: It depends on many factors. These factors include location, organization, scope of work, experience, qualifications and skills. The average salary will be around Rs 5 lakh per annum, which can go up to seven figures. You will also increase your grades significantly. You can even work as a freelancer, which will give you a significant increase in salary.

Final assessment

It was all kinds of information on how to become a game developer in India. You can start early. In addition, there are a few other things you need to pay attention to. First of all, you must be able to accept criticism, because it will help you afterwards. You also need to be able to keep up with changing technology. They need to be aware of new technologies when they are needed. Emerging areas include augmented reality and virtual reality. A good knowledge of these two areas will help you enter the future of gaming. You should also pay attention to industry trends. Ten years ago, for example, no one would have thought console games would lag behind mobile games. In this case, many companies have diversified into mobile games. All these will help you a lot if you are planning to become a game developer in India.

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