It may not seem like it, but baseball season is upon us. And the forward rates are already there.

Opening Day 2021 is scheduled for April 1. with all 30 teams participating. The Dodgers, who topped the Yankees in 1999 with 104.5 wins in 30 seasons, begin their title defense on the road against the Rockies. The schedule provides for 162 games to end the regular season at 3. Late October.

It should be noted that the return of the extended post season we had in 2020 is not currently planned for 2021. Until a new agreement is reached, the former AL and NL, each consisting of five teams, will start with a win or prize for the home wild card game.

As for the rules, there will be no universal PT this season, but there will again be seven sets in doubleheader. And if the game turns into extension, the runner will be at second base at the start of each semifinal.

The Dodgers are the National League favorites, and the Yankees are the American League’s first choice. But there are a few newcomers joining them at the top of the hierarchy to win the World Series. Here are the season totals, flag totals, division totals and World Series totals for the 30 teams.

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EN East

New York Mets (10-1 for World Series win)

Winning: 89
Division Winner : +145
Victory NL : 5-1

Atlanta Braves (12-1)

Winning: Winner of Division 92: +155
Win EN : 6-1

Nationals of Washington (35-1)

Winning: 84.5 Division winner : +550
Win EN : 20-1

Philadelphia Phillies (40-1)

Winning: 81.5
Division winner : +850
Victoire EN : 22-1

Miami Marlins (70-1)

Winning: 73.5 Division winner : 15-1Victory NL : 35-1

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EN Central

Cardinals of Saint Louis (25-1)

Winning: Winner of the 88th division: +180
Gain EN : 13-1

Cincinnati Reds (30-1)

Winning: 81.5
Division winner : +260
Victory NL : 16-1

The Little Ones of Chicago (40-1)

Winning: 79.5
Division winner : +325
Victoire EN : 22-1

Milwaukee Breweries (60-1)

Winning: 84.5 Division winner : +325
Victoire EN : 30-1

Pittsburgh Pirates (200-1)

Winning: 58
Division Winner : 70-1
Victory NL : 125-1

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EN West

Los Angeles Dodgers (+350)

Winning: Winner of division 104.5: -250
Victory NL : +170

San Diego Padres (9-1)

Winning: Winner of Division 92: +190
Win EN : +425

Arizona Diamonds (100-1)

Winning: 75.5 Division winner : 45-1Victory NL : 50-1

San Francisco Giants (100-1)

Winning: 73
Winner’s Division: 50-1Victory NL : 60-1

Colorado Rockies (150-1)

Winning: 62.5
Division winner : 50-1Victory NL : 75-1

The Yankees failed to secure a World Series berth last season, but are once again the favorites in the AL. Mike Stobe/Getty Images

AL East

New York Yankees (+550 to win the World Series)

Winning: Winner of 97 Division: -190
Win AL : +250

Toronto Blue Jays (20-1)

Winning: Winner of division 86: +450
Win AL : 9-1

Tampa Bay Radius (25-1)

Winning: 88.5 Division
winner : 4-1
Victory AL : 9-1

Boston Red Sox (60-1)

Winning: Winner of the 77th division: 14-1
Victory AL : 25-1

Baltimore Orioles (100-1)

Earn the full amount: 64 Division
winner : 80-1
Win AL : 60-1

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AL Central

Chicago White Sox (10-1)

Winning: 90.5 Division
winner : -125
Victory AL : 4-1

Minnesota Twins (16-1)

Winning: 89.5
Winning division : +165
Win AL : 7-1

Cleveland Indians (35-1)

Winning: Winner of the 81st division: +650
Win AL : 15-1

Detroit Tigers (100-1)

Winning: 66 Division
winner : 40-1
Victory AL : 60-1

Kansas City Royals (100-1)

Winning: Winner of the 71st division: 30-1
Victory AL : 60-1


Oakland Athletics (18-1)

Winning: 88.5 Division
winner : +130
Win AL : +850

Houston Astros (20-1)

Winning: Winner of the 88th division: +130
Win AL : 9-1

Los Angeles Angels (40-1)

Winning: Winner of division 83: +425
Win AL : 20-1

Seattle Sailors (80-1)

Winning: Winner of the 71st division: 30-1
Victory AL : 40-1

Texas Rangers (100-1)

Winning: 69.5 Winner of Division
: 40-1
Victory AL : 60-1

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