Manchester United defeated West Ham 3-1 after the first half and took Manchester United to fourth place in the Premier League in the London stadium on Saturday.

Two-and-a-half goals from Paul Pogba, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford were more than enough for Yarrod Bowen to make his debut in the 45th minute. minutes into Ole Gunnar Solskier’s fifth consecutive home win – Ole Gunnar Solskier’s men were the first to take all the credit for the rivalry.

After the game, Rashford said: We have to stop. [let the teams score first] If we keep more hands clean, we’ll win more races for sure. It’s good that we’ve shown enthusiasm, but ideally we don’t want to give in.

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The match marked the return of fans to the Premier League games for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic that stopped world football in March last year when 2,000 fans were admitted to the stadium.

That’s what was missing from the game [the fans returned to the stadiums], Rashford said. That’s what makes it so special. It’s a good feeling the fans are back.

West Ham seemed to have gone out of Bowen ten minutes after Anthony Martial’s failed throw-in, but the constellation player’s flag rose in the game and the goal was in debt.

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The hosts were the better team in the first half and it was a pity that Pablo Fornells didn’t advance twice. Pablo Fornells picked up Bowen’s cross in the net before his sock slid off the bar from point-blank range.

West Ham rightly took the lead from corner to corner before the break when Pablo Fornells hit Declan Rice’s header from the backseat and his team took an 1-0 lead at half time.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left Rashford and Bruno Fernandez on the bench for a Champions League game against RB Leipzig on Tuesday, but he let the two men at half time try to give his side a little life.

Bruno and Marcus came and did the right thing. We had a lot of obsessions in the first half, but we couldn’t make a difference with the ball. In the second half we stretched them even more and ran away from behind. The quality is much better, the destinations are exceptional, according to Mr. Solskjaer.

United scored a sensational shot from Pogba in the 65th minute after Fernandez took him to the top of the penalty area.

Minutes later, Greenwood led the visitors with a brilliant twist and kick, against which Lukasz Fabianski could not find the net in the goal from West Ham, and Rashford, replaced by Juan Mata, added a brave chip to the attack.

Of course, you’re very, very happy with the outfit. I think the home shape is correct, we’re becoming more consistent and we’re getting better with this kind of games. When you’re 1-0, 2-0, the boys still believe in it, and that character is important, Solskjär said.

Far from home we have character and faith. Five backstrokes, and the victory is extraordinary.

As a result, United have scored 19 points from ten games, including one for fifth place Manchester City and two for leaders Liverpool and Tottenham.

West Ham manager David Moyes was angry that United’s equalizer was not ruled out, claiming that a long, high ball from goalkeeper Dean Henderson was on the line out of the game before being picked up by Fernandez, who had set up a big Covebla shot.

I thought we played very well today. The only reason we get carried away is because it’s a bad decision. The ball flew over my head on the sideline, there was no one in a better position than me, the Scotsman said. The ball was offside, the reaction of the players is the best way to look at it, and all our players knew the ball was offside.

Then we fainted. This frustration has made us feel bad.

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