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Matthew Stafford for the bear race.

Many questions have been asked about the future of Matthew Stafford, and although the quarterback still has to play for the rest of the 2020 season, these questions will only get bigger in the coming months.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what to do with Stafford and the Detroit Lions, and it’s not just the fans or the media. Former players also have doubles, and one of the most interesting was recently introduced by the former Detroit torturer Brett Favre.

Retired, Favre came to SiriusXM NFL Radio for an interview and was asked what Stafford’s future should look like in Detroit. As he explained, he sees him as the Matt Ryan type, because both have been very inconsistent in their careers, but sometimes just as brilliant. That is why he believes it might be time for both parties to make a fresh start.

Here’s a quote from Justin Rogers Detroit News:

Matthew has done great things for Detroit other than making the playoffs and playing in the Super Bowl, said Favre. Is it enough to pay him what they pay and return to the status quo? I’m not saying it’s his fault, but why don’t you just take away the big prize and start over, because that’s what you do year after year. Again, I don’t blame him, but from a business point of view that seems the best way to invest in a young man and start over.

In fact, the future of Stafford seems to hang in the air more than ever, and the quarterback seems to understand this to a large extent when he recently spoke to journalists after major organizational changes. Stafford was asked what the next step would be and he specifically refused to answer the question because he wanted to talk about it later than he does now.

Clearly, the Lions and Stafford can still be connected, especially after the quarterback scored a 402-yard touchdown with 3 touchdowns in Chicago this weekend. However, this is probably a conversation for another day, because there is still a lot to clear up about the direction of the front office in Detroit.

But Favre seems to want Stafford a chance to move on and the Lions a chance to start over.

Matthew StaffordPossible operating instructions

Lions must have a clear plan to commit to the full transition of Stafford, given the stability he has shown as a quarterback for many years and can continue to show in the future. But even if the new management in Detroit decides to follow this path, there will be many teams to replace Stafford in low season. Teams like the 49ers, Bears, Eagles, Patriots and Colts have seen quarterbacks falter, and if Stafford were to come, it would likely change the game this season in terms of what happens to quarterbacks.

For the Stafford Lions to change, the team will most likely need a high level of design and a chance to be among the top players in the NFL draft in 2021, when the team is committed to a complete overhaul. Otherwise, there is simply no reason to abandon such a well-known product right now, even as Stafford gets older.

Board of Directors Favre Long v. Matthew Staff Word

The pair has long been synonymous with quarterbacks, as they are strong arrows or passes with strong hands that are not afraid to take risks on the field and possibly throw interceptions. In fact, both men have made some great passes with Favre scoring 71,838 yards and 508 touchdowns and 338 interceptions in their careers. Stafford was the same. He has set numerous passing records and has 44,303 yards to his name with 277 touchdowns but 143 interceptions. It is very clear that the duo is statistically very similar, as they tend to interpret a large number of passages with a large number of interceptions.

The only thing Favre has that Stafford doesn’t have? Super Bowl ring and three NFL MVP awards. Favre had to leave the Atlanta Falcons to reach this level of success elsewhere. He probably thinks Stafford has to do the same thing to get it.

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