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February has long been associated with romance. It is not only a month of love, but also a Christian carnival night. For example, there is Mardi Gras, which means Shrove Tuesday in French, a day of celebration and indulgence that precedes Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, a time of sacrifice and fasting.

This month I celebrate our relationship with the God of our understanding. For it is from this relationship that all other relationships flourish and bloom. When I love another, I am expressing the love of God that I feel within me. When I feel loved by another, I feel God’s love activated in me. I can love others as much as I love my God as I love myself in all His fullness.

You can now connect with this part of yourself by saying the following words out loud: Today I find myself in the shining light of love. I beam at everything I meet, and I still have a lot to do. I am loved, loved and loved. They adore me.

From this place of love, there is a wonderful opportunity to find something kind about every person, place, thing and situation in your experience today. Beware what happens when you actively look for favorites.

When you observe the pleasing qualities and attributes of others, you vibrate at a higher frequency. Your mind is freed from the shackles of judgment and condemnation. We begin to see what we love everywhere, including ourselves. He’s all around you. Feel, sense and know that love now. It’s also nice to feel good and have a positive effect on our bodies and minds when we come from love and actively seek lovers.

Try saying these compliments out loud to others today:
You have a nice smile, a nice shirt, I like your shoes. It was great. Your hair looks great. I like your glasses. They’re beautiful. I like your make-up. Excellent presentation. I like your style. It’s so much fun working with you. You’re such a bright light. You have a strong presence. They light up the room when you enter. Your nails are so beautiful. Where did you get that chain? Is it pretty? Where do you shop? I like your style. You have a great sense of humor!

I’m telling you now:
I am strong, talented, beautiful, intelligent, wise, charismatic, cheerful and funny. I’m happy, bright, loving, kind and loved. I have style, finesse, grace and panache. I am grateful, forgiving, generous, whole, guided, gifted, honored and appreciated. And it looks like I’ve lost weight!

Your call to action is to spend more time believing in God’s love for you. Let it change the way you look at life. The founder of the Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes, wrote Love heals, forgives and reconciles.

Let this healing power of love begin now.

And it is.


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We’ll get through this together, Atascadero…

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