We took a look at the best sneakers for your feet, from Allbirds to Adidas.

The best white sneakers to wear with dresses are a must-have for any woman’s closet. We tested Allbirds, Adidas, Rothy’s and more to find the best pair of white sneakers that will never go out of style.

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Friends, relatives, loved ones, and curious home visitors all have one big complaint about my wardrobe: Why do you need so many pairs of white sneakers?

In my closet, I have 15 pairs of white sneakers. And if you think that’s a lot, consider this: I had even more only a few months ago, before going out of the country and having to select my shoes carefully.

The short answer is that you don’t need that many white shoes, but they’re a tough product to research before purchasing. Options may seem appealing online or in the shop, but after a month of use, they become unrecognizable or become too uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. I go through a lot of pairs of white sneakers as my primary sartorial statement, only to settle on a handful that really survive the test of time.

Allbirds Wool Runners


Wool Runners by Allbirds

For those unfamiliar with the shoe industry, every white sneaker may seem to be the same. However, there are significant differences in brands, designs, materials, and construction that make some pairs more appealing than others. Before you purchase just any plain old white shoe, think about breathability, durability, comfort, and overall style.

That’s why the six pairings below were chosen using all three criteria. Each has been worn for at least a year, with many having been worn for much longer. In addition, depending on the materials, every of the footwear on our list has gone through some kind of cleaning cycle, whether it was a machine wash or a hand wash. (Pro tip: Baking soda and water generally do the job, but Jason Markk offers a handy shoe cleaning kit that’s worth checking out if you want to be more formal.)

What’s the end result? When it comes to durability (both in terms of structure and overall color), ease of washing, and appearance, all six of these footwear choices exceeded expectations.

Adidas Stan Smiths Shoes

Adidas Shoes by Stan Smith

Stan Smiths have been in the fashion zeitgeist for decades for a variety of reasons: They’re stylish, comfy, and long-lasting all at the same time. It’s no wonder that they’ve become our all-time favorites.

The Stan Smiths’ degree of durability is where they really shine. I’m still surprised at how well they hold up after more than 18 months of use. While the toes and soles have a few scuff marks here and there, it only seems to be a few months’ worth of wear and tear rather than a few years. The fact that, unlike other leather shoes I’ve had, there’s no visible breaking on the surface is even more impressive.

Adidas Stan Smiths Shoes


Adidas Shoes by Stan Smith

However, no shoe is without faults. I noticed that they don’t provide as much support as some of the other choices on this list, owing to my high arches and the fact that most shoes need an agonizing break-in time. Before you start putting significant miles on the shoes, you’ll want to break them in.

However, the most significant flaw I’ve observed in recent months is that its design lacks air holes, particularly when compared to the other choices on our list. As a consequence, my feet may get hot, particularly during the summer. While I’m prepared to overlook these two flaws for the sake of the shoe’s lifespan, if you’re seeking for a more summer-friendly choice, check out the breathable options below.

Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand Stitchlite

Stitchlite by Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand

Cole Haan has design down down when it comes to footwear, having sold almost 3 million pairs of their Zerogrand shoes.

The Generation Stitchlite has the brand’s trademark sole support and comfort, which is a great lifesaver when breaking in your shoes. The Stitchlite, in example, raises the bar by including a springy arched outsole as well as comfy insoles that imitate human foot movements.

During my time wearing them, this hasn’t gone ignored. One of the most impressive features of these shoes is how fast they adapted to the natural curve and contour of my foot. While I wouldn’t classify them as high-performance, it’s worth mentioning that their shock absorption won’t harm your feet during lengthy walks or a busy day of errands.

Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand Stitchlite

Cole Haan

Stitchlite by Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand

I regard them as slip-on shoes in many respects (thanks to their innovative lacing system and stretchy material, which makes them easy to pop on and run out of the door). They’re also one of the lightest shoes the company has ever made, thanks to a perforated, stitched construction that keeps them fully breathable. Furthermore, I find the perforated design to be an on-trend accent to my athleisure ensembles, and it adds texture to an otherwise plain sweatshirt and leggings combination.

Rothy's The Sneaker

The Sneaker by Rothy’s

The comfort, style, and feel of Rothy’s The Shoe are hard to match for those who desire a true slip-on sneaker (as opposed to the aforementioned Cole Haan pair that behaves like one). It’s the most comfortable slip-on sneaker I’ve ever owned. It’s the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned.

This is owing in great part to its moisture-wicking, soft-to-the-touch fabric. The Sneaker by Rothy’s, unlike its canvas competitors, isn’t constructed with rough materials that cause blisters and scrapes. When breaking in these shoes, there’s no need for bandages or insoles. There’s no need to wear socks, either. They’re really comfy right out of the box for me. It also gets extra marks since its insoles are made from recycled water bottles.

Rothy's The Sneaker

Rothy’s The Sneaker

These are also one of the only white shoes I possess that can withstand a wash cycle if the insoles are removed and washed separately on a cold cycle (and air dry after). The color remains quite bright.

Even more remarkable is the fact that the soles and inserts are still in excellent condition after a year and a half of continuous usage. I’d be surprised if I didn’t discard these sneakers before the two-year mark. That’s quite a compliment.

Allbirds Wool Runners

Wool Runners by Allbirds

Many of us are making deliberate efforts to be more environmentally aware. We shop using reusable bags, carpool wherever possible, and support businesses that contribute to social and environmental good in the globe. Allbirds is no different.

Merino wool from sheep farmers who are held to high standards of land management and animal welfare is among the materials used by the business, which comes from a range of morally sound and ecologically sustainable sources.

Wool Runners are one of the company’s most popular responsibly produced designs. These machine-washable sneakers are made with renewable materials and moisture- and odor-wicking textiles, allowing you to wear them without socks all the time (although I still suggest opting for no-show socks with these shoes).

Allbirds Wool Runners


Wool Runners by Allbirds

There’s no disputing that these sneakers are comfortable and stylish. And, since all white shoes become filthy (it’s a sad truth of life), being able to put them in the wash cycle rather than cleaning them with a toothbrush is fantastic.

While I like the appearance and feel of my Allbirds, I would advise caution since the wool loses its shine after many wash cycles. To avoid this, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them somewhere where you may get them especially filthy and have to wash them often (festivals, trail walks, you name it).

Superga Cotu Sneaker

Cotu by Superga is a sneaker made by Superga.

The Cotu by Superga is a sneaker made by Superga.s’ overall quality of materials is instantly apparent. This style has an unlined cotton canvas top, a rubber bottom for extra grip, and an inch-high platform that’s extremely on trend. The canvas, in particular, achieves the perfect mix of toughness and comfort, and the sole is by far the most grippy of all the styles on our list. Because of the raised platform, the majority of the scuffs and scratches are focused on the shoe’s sole rather than becoming obvious imperfections on the shoe’s most visible sections, such as the toe.

Superga Cotu Sneaker


Superga Cotu Sneaker

Its spacious shape, which is perfect for people with larger feet (like myself), as well as a polished, basic look, which enhances my standard jeans-and-tee errands ensembles, are two of its major selling features.

While they are reasonably simple to spot clean and then wash, buyers should bear in mind that canvas tends to show its age. These shoes, although still sturdy, may not survive the test of time as well as the Stan Smith.

Greats Royale Knit

Knit Greats Royale

Knit shoes are a favorite of mine. This is due to their suppleness and pliability, which makes them a more comfortable alternative than leather alternatives (particularly for people with larger feet).

During the summer, I replace my Stan Smiths with the Knit Greats Royale, which are much more breathable. Running or walking kilometers in them will not make you hot or uncomfortable. Plus, they’re easy to match with almost any outfit.

They can withstand a pounding and yet appear like new after washing. It’s everything you’d want in a pair of shoes that you’d wear every day of the week.

Greats Royale Knit

Greats Royale Knit

The Greats Royale Knits, like Rothy’s, are produced ethically and are composed entirely of vegan, recycled plastic (one pair helps eliminate seven plastic bottles from the ocean). They’re also very comfy to wear, as are many of the knit choices here, but you’ll certainly need to wear socks with them. While they may benefit from additional support, I find that it is sufficient to get me through a full day on my feet.

The fact that these shoes are machine washable and the fabric doesn’t retain stains as well as others on our list is the greatest plus. There’s not much to be concerned about if you get caught in a shower or walk into a muddy puddle by mistake, as I have done on many times.

The nike white sneakers are the best white sneakers. They are comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly. We tested Allbirds, Adidas, Rothy’s and more to find which was the best option for you.

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Do white Allbirds stay white?

White Allbirds are white, but they can get dirty very quickly.

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Which white sneakers are the best?

The best white sneakers are the Adidas Ultra Boost.

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