Rough sheets and pillowcases for penguins

Nikki couldn’t help but laugh at the cheeky penguins on her pillowcases (Picture: Kennedy News).

We love the casual and tough design, whether it’s on a Christmas sweater or in the shape of a well-stocked reindeer.

This time it’s a cheeky penguin causing a ruckus.

Nikki John, 43 years old, bought a nice set of duvets and pillowcases for penguins at Tesco, but was confused when she came home and couldn’t convince the penguins to kiss the pillowcases as indicated on the package.

Instead, she could place them on their backs as if they were in a flamboyant row or in a more compromising position of 69 and below.

Nikki shared on social media where they joked that penguins are just a social aloofness.

But Nikki, the babysitter, has since returned the money and now kisses the Penguins to position them in the league instead of rowing the option.

The Tesco penguin is leaving.

What the leaves should look like (Photo: Tesco).

She refuses to put her head on the cushions when the penguins are 69 years old, because it is a position she hasn’t done for a long time, and they have made her a bit jealous.

Nikki, from Watford, Hertfordshire, when I opened it, I said: My God, to bring them together, they have to do something I haven’t done in a long time.

When I put it on, I was a little jealous, to be honest.

The penguins weren’t kissing now – it looked like they were having a hot dream, because one had his back to the other and the other was on the other side of the bed.

Nikki John with pillowcases with 69 penguins.

What pillowcases looked like in real life (Photo: Kennedy News & Media).

They looked like they were fighting instead of being all soft and cute and cuddly.

I just liked putting them in such a compromising position when I wanted them to kiss – it was just the wrong way.

A mother of two saw a beautiful set of quilts while shopping at the Tesco store in Watford and decided to buy her first Christmas bedding for £14.

But when the 43 year old woman made her double bed the next day, she was confused because she claimed to have received two identical pillowcases with the two penguins on the right side.

Nikki John.

Nikki joked that the Penguins made her jealous because they were in a position she didn’t know for a long time (Picture: Kennedy News & Media).

Nikki said: I’ll be right there: How’s that supposed to work? And then I saw the funny side and I said Oh, that would be a nice Facebook post.

A friend of mine told me they were a little more socially detached, which I found quite funny.

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They’re still on the bed and they’re arguing – I can’t lie down for a dinner that looks hairy.

I was hoping that when I wrote this, Tesco would say We would send you another one so your penguins would know their way around, but that’s not the case – I have to let them argue or 69.

Tesco has been contacted for a reaction on sex penguins and we will update this article when they react.

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