Before you buy a French chateau for sale, it’s worth knowing a few things. While you don’t need to be an expert in history, it helps if you have an idea of what styles and centuries to look for. Also, since most buyers have a fixed budget, you’ll have to factor in the costs of renovations. There are a number of ‘bargain’ chateaux out there, but many of them will require expensive renovations and ongoing maintenance.

Chateau La Perriere

When Karen and Paul Horne saw the ad for Chateau La Perriere, they decided to make an offer. They had already visited France a couple of times and were familiar with the area. They spent six hours on their first visit, and soon put in an offer. After a lengthy discussion with their French agent, they decided to buy the property.

This Chateau is located in the Lussac-Saint-Emilion appellation, which offers the perfect microclimate for growing fine wine. The vineyard is spread across a series of small valleys and benefits from excellent natural drainage. The Chateau grows Muscadelle and Semillon, which produce fruity red and white wines, respectively. The property is also home to a chapel, which can be used for weddings and other special occasions.

The chateau is set in a 10-acre park and woodlands, and includes a swimming pool, separate stables, and a coach house. The property is well-known in the region for its beauty and would make a wonderful wedding venue. The owners hope to retire to the property one day.

The outbuildings include an old stone block that was thought to be the home of servants. The stables include three stalls, but there is room for more. There is also a gardener’s and games room. There is also a water tower with an electric pump. The stables also feature a stone wall with sculpted horse heads over the stables. The tack room has pine panelling, and the coach house features cast-iron windows.

Chateau de Riviere

The Chinese firm that owns the Chateau de Riviere has pushed forward with plans to modernize the estate, including the creation of a spa and tea tasting room. After the tragic helicopter crash that killed its former owner on 20 December, the Chateau’s new owners are moving forward with their plans to make the estate as luxurious as possible.

Chateau de Riviere is a beautiful property that spans 65 acres of vineyards. The vineyards are surrounded by limestone, making them an ideal setting for ageing wines in barrels. The estate has a number of beautiful gardens and a forest that is a great spot for hiking and biking.

In addition to the winemaking, guests can also enjoy the Chateau de Riviere’s restaurants. The restaurant offers French and Asian dishes, as well as pasta. The Chateau is also a full-service hotel. Located in the Fronsac appellation, this luxury hotel offers guests a romantic retreat amidst the vineyards.

The Chateau de Riviere offers a luxurious, romantic setting for a lavish wedding. Its elegant interiors combine traditional materials with modern conveniences. Its five-bedroom chateau can sleep up to 65 guests. It also offers a beautiful terrace in front of the chateau. The wedding breakfast can be held outdoors in the shade of fairy lights, or in the reception room that has room for eighty guests. The reception can continue until 4 am. There is also a swimming pool for the guests to enjoy.

Chateau de Castille

In the southern region of France, in the medieval town of Uzes, you can find the Chateau de Castille. This property contains works by Pablo Picasso and is a must-visit for any art lover. The Chateau de Castille is a medieval castle that has undergone some major renovations.

The chateau is three stories tall with separate living spaces and a kitchen for each floor. It can comfortably accommodate a family of four or a party of up to twelve. The castle’s towers are small, but have a cozy reading room and a bathroom. The upstairs windows offer views of the gardens, maze, and wooded pathways.

The chateau was built in the thirteenth century. In the 1950s, Douglas Cooper, a British art collector and historian, purchased the property. He invited Pablo Picasso to visit the chateau. The famous artist was a frequent visitor to the chateau. Cooper commissioned the artist to create an artwork for a wall of the chateau. The acclaimed artist created five drawings inspired by paintings by Jacques-Louis David, including “The Rape of the Sabine Women.” The paintings were then etched into the eastern veranda of the chateau by Carl Nesjar.

The interior of the Chateau de Castille is equally impressive. Aside from seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, it features a library and several lounges. It is also surrounded by a park and a pond. The Chateau’s interiors, designed by the world-renowned interior decorator Dick Dumas, feature a blend of classic elements and refined elegance.

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