The signature aesthetic of Chrome Hearts includes asymmetrical cuts, stitched-on crosses, leather and distressed surfaces, and safety-pinned fabric rips. The brand also focuses on jewelry and accessories. Its signature rings are crafted from silver and are very expensive. If you’re looking for a high-end look at an affordable price, Chrome Hearts is the perfect place to start.

Chrome Hearts is a “luxury” brand

Chrome Hearts is a brand that is hard to find in the mainstream. It doesn’t have an ecommerce site, and doesn’t advertise its collections online. Instead, buyers must visit stores carrying the brand. Most of the brand’s items are sold at a premium, and the prices often exceed the cost of the items. For example, a cotton t-shirt with an embroidered logo may cost more than $400. Similarly, an $8,800 sterling silver necklace may cost nearly as much.

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Chrome Hearts is LA’s equivalent to Ralph Lauren

The LA-based company, Chrome Hearts, is a sizingable retailer with a diverse clientele. Its eponymous line is a favorite of celebrities and is featured in the lyrics of Lil Uzi Vert’s latest album, Eternal Atake. In addition, the brand is often featured on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. The company has been selling high-quality leather goods, sunglasses, and home goods since the ’80s.

Chrome Hearts is handmade

Made in Los Angeles, Chrome Hearts is a family business with a long history. The company started with biker leathers, fleur-de-lis silver jewelry, and vintage denim, and later expanded to custom car interiors. The company has connections to celebrities such as Elton John and Kanye West. The company also collaborates with brands such as Loro Piana and Baccarat to produce their products.

Chrome Hearts is affordable

Aside from their affordable jewelry, Chrome Hearts also produces furniture, toilet plungers, and other fashion items. The company began in a garage in LA and has since expanded into three blocks of space in Hollywood. Their campus is 250,000 square feet, with 13 buildings and eight factories. Despite being affordable, they are still not a low-end brand and they want to stay that way.

Chrome Hearts is stylish

Chrome Hearts is a Los Angeles-based fashion house. Its name is a nod to the iconic gothic style. Its designs have inspired musicians such as Lil Uzi Vert and The Weeknd, and you can find it on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. Chrome Hearts’ products include clothing, sunglasses, and home goods. The company takes pride in producing everything themselves, and their collections can be found in boutiques around the world.

Chrome Hearts is comfortable

Chrome Hearts is one of the most popular streetwear brands. The company’s clothing is comfortable and easy to wear, and it is very well made. Each piece of clothing is made from the finest materials and can be worn on a daily basis. Chrome Hearts also offers a lifetime guarantee for its products.

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