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Episode 4 of the Challenge: During the All-Stars, a heated confrontation took place between a performer and the rest of his competitors, a moment that elicited many reactions online, including from a veteran of the Challenge. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which will take place on the 22nd. Avril appeared on Paramount Plus.

In episode 4, Beth Stolarczyk was sent into the ring and the house had to choose a new opponent after Mark Long used the rescue shield to protect Katie Cooley. Darrell Taylor asked Beth which contestant she would like to meet and which Real World: The L.A. star nominated Arissa Hill, which earned her the majority of votes.

Instead of fighting for her place in the game, Arissa decided to throw her costumes in the trash and leave the show. After the broadcast, Challenge veteran and three-time winner Veronica Portillo announced her former Battle for Sex 2 counterpart via a tweet: What happened to his Zen? She added: Underestimated by all this. I wonder if her entourage told her to change it, or if she’s sorry she let them down.

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Arissa responded and accused Veronica of violating her dignity

Arissa quickly responded to Veronica and sent a text message: You don’t need the smoke, Veronica, believe me. Sit down. Veronica, however, takes no chances and replies: I know you thought you were in control of the challenge because you were communicating with your people, so I really wonder why you left and didn’t stay in the game to win the $500,000 you were due.

Arissa then turned in her reply and said to Veronica: You want attention so badly this morning, you’re going to get it. She continued:

I just talked to my team, and we don’t mess with people like you. The kind of uneducated person who thinks it’s OK to photograph a woman and participate in the humiliation of a woman who is unconscious and unable to protect or defend herself. You’re focusing on the wrong things, BB girl.

The real world: The Las Vegas star told Veronica to stop worrying about what Arissa is doing and focus on karma for the f***** up s*** you’ve done. She ended her message by writing: And work on being a less trashy person and see who and what YOU are.

Beth intervened and scolded Veronica as well, saying Shame on you!

Beth, who eventually won the elimination round after Arissa was eliminated, also got involved in a fight and shot Veronica and wrote: Where are the nude photos of Tony and Veronica Portillo? You’re sick and should be suspended from all shows! You’re a bully who constantly corrupts other women! Shame on you!

Although Arissa did not mention former Challenge star Tonya Cooley’s name in her tweet, she seemed to be referring to the incident involving Tonya and other Challengers, which Beth confirmed in her post. Neither Arissa nor Beth have given details about the incident, but the episode of The Inferno II was removed by Netflix after the season was added to the streaming platform.

A behind-the-scenes episode titled To Hell and Back: Inferno 2 gossip, which featured a controversial scene between several participants: Veronica Portillo, Rachel Robinson and Tina Barta, who have called themselves trashy girls this season, and Tonya, who has often been their target this season. The episode featured a clip where three women took pictures of Tonya while she slept naked and shared them with the other cast members.

In response to a fan’s question about what Arissa was talking about, Veronica wrote: NO! I need to clear my name. I was not involved in either one.

New episodes of the Challenge : All Stars Fall airs Thursday on Paramount Plus.

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