No one has a more complex mix of fantasy analysts and reporters for the NFL team than ESPN. It’s a rare behind-the-scenes committee that’s actually good for fantasy managers. Every Tuesday we will ask our NFL Nation reporters a series of burning questions to inform you about solutions and exemption lists.

So far week 13 of the Buy More rating. Sunday’s real point leaders looked at the quarterback as if they had been shaken by a snowball.

One of the biggest surprises: Baker Mayfield (29.46) and Matthew Stafford (26.08) are in the top five of the standard ESPN rankings, although they are not among the top 20 analyst forecasts. Derek Carr (31.74) and Cam Newton (23.56), who failed a week earlier by less than four points each, bounced back by a large margin.

But can these inconsistent quarterbacks handle it? Can we really trust them for the fantastic playoffs? As always, ESPN reporters have told your story.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Brownes quarterback Baker Mayfield has scored six touchdowns and has not been intercepted in the last two games. PA Photo/Payne level

Brown reporter Jake Trotter suggested that Mayfield really should be captured for your playoff series, now that he has recovered the brilliance of the pass he showed as a rookie. Especially because he will play against the New York Giants in the 15th round (18th round) and after the Baltimore Ravens in the 14th round against the New York Jets in the 31st round (31st round) in the 16th round.

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Mayfield lost 334 yards on the season with four assists in the first half of the Sunday touchdown and won 41-35 in Tennessee. He’s now the only one in the NFL to score four TD Assists in half a season – twice (also in the second half of the season in Cincinnati in week seven).

Of course, Mayfield’s good days were unpredictable. However, two things Trotter has shared in this column in recent weeks are worth mentioning. Trotter, who supported Jarvis Landry’s wide receiver last week, explained that all runs in Cleveland suffered 8 to 11 weeks because he continued to play in terrible weather conditions. If you turn this segment around, Mayfield played very well in all the other games, because Odell Beckham Jr. played the 7th round of the game. The Spieltag has lost the broken ACL.

Trotter noticed it after the 7th. Round Bonanza also said Mayfield’s fantasy value wouldn’t suffer as much from Beckham’s injury as might be expected – as Mayfield sometimes tried to force the ball for his elite player. In fact, they had the lowest completion rate in the NFL.

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Leo reporter Michael Rothstein gave Stafford even more support following the launch of Bewell as Detroit’s temporary 402-yard head coach with three TDs and an Interception in former offensive coordinator Darrell’s debut.

He’s sure to do it again, said Rothstein, adding that Stafford seemed more like his 2019 uniform when he won in Chicago. Bevell’s attack was more aggressive. Stafford can be considered KB 1/KB 2 in almost all competitions.

Although Bwell has played previous Lions games under recently fired head coach Matt Patricia, Rothstein said that Bwell’s goal was essentially to make Stafford play easily.

That’s why Stafford looked a lot more like the quarterback we saw in Bewell’s attack in 2019 – ready to go into the field, take a little more risks and generally be more comfortable than he ever was in the 2020 season, said Rothstein. This is undoubtedly another offensive way of thinking and approaching.

A model of inadequacy, Carr now has six races with more than 19 fantastic points this season – and six races with less than 16. Raider journalist Paul Gutierrez said it made sense as Carr showed he could win the offensive West Coast games by switching them to a ground game and flying them against a defense that plays without cover in Ave Maria situations.

The last line, of course, was a nod to Carr’s victory in the game, a 46-yard TD that led to the resignation of Jet’s defense coordinator, Gregg Williams, and turned Carr’s exit into a monstrous and fantastic performance (381 yards passes, three passes TDs, one interception, one running TD).

Carr may not be the best option for sequential production. However, to keep the hopes of the raiders in qualifying alive, Gutierrez will have to make plans to tear down the English Channel. And he expects Carr Darren Waller to continue to feed Darren Waller after his great performance on the tight jet circuit with 13,200 yards and two TDs.

For the second week in a row the Patriots won the race, although Newton threw less than 100 yards. But Newton ran the ball 14 times for 48 yards and two TDs – and Patriots reporter Mike Reiss said he expected Newton to remain a fantastic asset as the Patriots will play 6-6 in the playoffs in his life.

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Field Yates admires the performance of Cam Newton during week 13 of the disconnection of the 45-0 charger.

According to a study by ESPN Stats & Information, Newton’s 12 early attempts in the first half of Sunday’s 45-0 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers were the most important of his career.

You can’t afford to lose another game. In this game, we were told they wouldn’t stop anything when it came to Newton on the run. They’ll keep it running as long as it lasts, Reiss said. However, he noted that you will take risks if you rely on these assessments.

Because there are still many questions as to whether they can be consistently productive, Reiss said. Think also of the strength of the next two opponents: Aries and Dolphins. Pretty good protection.

And now for the rest of our weekly league tour:

As journalist Jeff Dickerson said, there’s always a reason to be careful when it comes to bear attacks. And before that, he couldn’t wait to see Montgomery. But Dickerson said he felt he could trust Montgomery in the fantasy playoffs after showing his two best performances of the season in the last two weeks (143 meters from the scrum and one TD in week 12, 111 meters from the scrum and two TDs in a hurry in week 13).

Through discussions with former players, coaches and key players, Peyton Manning sheds light on the history of football and its cultural significance. Clock on ESPN+

Two of the next three opponents of Montgomery (against Houston in week 14, Jacksonville in week 16) are among the top five teams earning the most fantasy points this year.

On Sunday, he ran determinedly against Detroit and played a 100-yard game that was a terrible loss at Green Bay a week earlier, Dickerson said. Don’t take it out on me if you can’t. After all, it’s the bears!

Meanwhile it seems that newcomer Kmet veteran Jimmy Graham has pushed out of the Bears like a thin ridge to get the deep league flyer. Kmet, who came into play Sunday with eight career shots, caught five assists for 37 yards and TD, while Graham had no catch.

I was hoping Graham would have a good fancy day against the Lions, but it was smoking, Dickerson said. The bears settled in Kmet, and in week 13 they attacked him seven times. For fantastic managers, who are desperately retiring, the Kmet is a good late pickup because the bears – after ignoring it for most of the year – want to use it for the last four weeks.

In the last three weeks, Patrick, who wore fantastic glasses, has passed a man at Jeudy’s broadband receiver. In the two games they played with the real quarterbacks, Patrick made nine strikes of 163 yards and two TD’s, while Gedi made only four strikes of 42 yards.

Broncos reporter Jeff Legold, however, said that both players scored four goals in the last game. And he said the decline in Geoffrey’s production has more to do with the fact that in recent weeks he has confined himself to ankle and shoulder injuries. Mr Legold said it wouldn’t surprise him that the newcomer in the first round, when he recovers, will be more involved in the design.

Patrick can bet more safely in the coming weeks, at least a little bit, because he plays better than ever on one. And if the Broncos are on the field a lot, he sleeps more often in those groups because he is a very physical player, Legold said. But Drew Locke always turns to Geoffrey, so Geoffrey’s lack of targets against the Chiefs was more of a physical problem. As he gets better, it’s a two-way street – and the goals of KJ Hamler’s Wide Receiver are growing too.

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Field Yates and Stephanie Bell agreed that despite the fact that Brandin Cook had negotiated a return against the Raiders, he should be available in week 14.

Coutee is probably the hottest thread thrown into the imagination this week after the third-year receiver caught eight passes for 141 yards as Will Fuller’s seasonal V suspension ends. Texas journalist Sarah Barshop said Coutee should be worth it.

Coutee continues to receive goals for the next four games. Houston’s a first offense, even though David Johnson is back from the trauma center. And without Fuller, Deshawn Watson needs someone to stop, Barshop said. In 2018, Kuti played two big games in the new season, but he lost sight of former head coach Bill O’Brien and most of the 2019 season was a healthy fight.

As for Hansen’s apprentice, who managed to set five 101-yard traps in his first NFL playoff action since 2017, it’s harder to expect a repeat.

Hansen had a good training camp in Texas, but his departure for debutant Isaiah Coulter in the fifth round was a surprise, Barshop said. I don’t know if he gets 100 meters of shelter a week, but it’s clear that there is a relationship of trust between him and Watson who has developed on the training field.

Expect Brandin Cooks and Coutee to assemble most of the targets, with Hansen in three receiver kits, at least until Randall Cobb returns.

Don’t worry, veteran Alfred Morris Gullman scored two touchdowns on Sunday. Giant journalist Jordan Ranan said Gellman was the mandatory launch of RB1 at this stage of the fantasy.

It can’t be. Ranan was talking about Gullman. He has made at least 15 strokes in four consecutive games and the Giants are obliged to run independently of the opponent. On Sunday in Seattle, Gallman left his career at 135 meters and the TDs were only eliminated by Morris because in both cases he needed a break after a long jog. Gallman still intercepts Morris 27-11 against the Seahawks and has 13 red zones against four Morris in this segment. No doubt Gellman will be on your schedule every week.

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Stephanie Bell and Field Yates talk about the concussion Frank Gore had against the Raiders and the fantastic effects it had on L’Mikal Perin and Ty Johnson.

The second year of return racing should also be a popular wire pickup, after running 104 meters on Sunday and bringing the TD to 22 years after the premature departure of Frank Gore with a concussion.

Jets reporter Rich Chimini said he expects Johnson to have another chance to anchor next week if Gore can’t return after the concussion. However, Chimini warned that Johnson will probably share his time with three-year-old Josh Adams, who scored 74 meters on eight carriers on Sunday.

I give Johnson a small advantage in terms of a higher workload, but that may depend on the game plan and the opponent. At the moment I would say that Johnson will be 1A and Adams 1B, said Chimini, who commented that Gore could come back in the mix at some point because head coach Adam Geys has always relied heavily on Gore.

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