Georgia Harrison accused Stephen Bear of sharing a secret video with them (Photo: Instagram)

Stephen Bear rebutted the claim that he shared Georgia Harrison’s secret security equipment when the couple met.

Georgia, 25, said that Stephen, 30, showed people a tape he had recorded without their knowledge and said she had seen the tape on the screen.

The star of Love Island shared the contract with Instagram, he writes: So the bear is under video surveillance around his house, he deliberately put me in such a position that he knew he would be under video surveillance for a long time, and after pretending to forget there was a camera.

(As with the installation of a closed circuit television circuit around a private property that leads directly to your TV and telephone).

She went on to say: In the beginning I had to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he would do the right thing, partly because I was ashamed and just wanted to stop, but I didn’t have to be ashamed to be on private property with someone I had been with many times and who I trusted/loved.

But since I’ve been gone, I’ve met two other people to whom he showed the recording and even saw it on screen, so I have no choice but to make this situation known not only to me, but also to all those who were there, without knowing that they were being filmed.

Georgia Harrison/Instagram

Georgia claimed that the material was taken by a security camera in their house (Photo: Georgia Harrison/Instagram).

Stephen refuted the claims he shared (Photo: Georgia Harrison/Instagram).

Georgia reported seeing some of the videos (Photo: Georgia Harrison/Instagram).

I feel pain, I feel insulted, I feel ashamed, but I also feel that my friends and disciples will support me and I can no longer remain silent on this subject.

Besides, you disgust everyone who saw it. Any self-respecting man, whether brother, son or father, will tell him that it’s disgusting to show something to someone, especially if you can clearly see his surveillance video and I don’t know his file.

Stephen took his own story from Instagram to refute the allegations by telling it to his disciples: So what happened was sunk. I came back and I didn’t know what they were talking about.

The last time I was with a girl who told me my name was two years ago in Thailand and I had a great time. That’s all I’m saying. Anyone who says they’ve seen recordings of me and her is now a complete lie.

A former star on Love Island shared a text exchange in which she swore to sue him (Photo: Georgia Harrison/Instagram).

Send me the video, please. I’m sure when she watched the video, she wasn’t herself because, as I said, we were in Thailand together. It’s not fair to want to embarrass him here, and now it’s fallen on me and this damn man, it’s no fun at all, I mean it sincerely.

He added that during his holiday in Dubai he would leave the social networks for a while for his mental health.

Then Georgia told a couple about a text exchange in which they said they would take the case to court and claimed to have seen screenshots of the video.

Last year, the couple had a dramatic breakup while on holiday in Thailand, when Georgia filmed them throwing a book at Stephen after he claimed to have cheated on her during the trip. has asked Georgia and Stephen’s representative for their comments.

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