Luton Town fans at Kenilworth Road Luton Town fans celebrate one of three goals at Norwich Gate on Kenilworth Road.

This is the moment many football fans have been waiting for almost nine months: the return to their favourite clubs.

As a result of the relaxation of restrictions on coronaviruses in parts of England, a limited number of fans have been given permission to see their team play six Football League matches on Wednesday night – plus one match of the Northern National League.

Six fans told Sport.

Emotional Night – Phil Dowty, Luton-Fan.

Luton Phil Douty Fan Luton Phil Douty Fan saw his team beat the championship leaders in Norwich.

Luton 3-1 Norwich, championship.

Finally a moving night on the road to Kenilworth. I rushed back because it’s been too long. It was a strange experience with all the limitations, but it’s just great to see the boys.

They took my temperature when I came in, there were stewards everywhere who told you where to go. I hope more fans come soon.

Football is a means of communication – Stavros Demetriadis, Charlton Fan

Charlton 0-1 MC Dona, First Division.

The idea of an evening of soccer finally and the fact that we are going to see old school friends and other familiar faces (socially distant of course) again was attractive and exciting after such a long absence.

Football is important as a means of communication and as a form of escape from reality, because it allows you to concentrate for a few hours on things that have nothing to do with everyday life.

It was like a home from home, and although it was a bit surreal when there were only 2000 people, it was wonderful to be back after such a long absence.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the match was good and noisy considering the number of visitors, but it was a bit surreal to hear the two players and the two managers arguing with the fourth official during the match.

Apart from the disappointing result, the event was very entertaining and everyone at Charlton Athletic did a great job – from the morning mail outlining the protocol to the gradual release of all fans at the end. At the next race in the valley.

When you see the lights, you can increase the voltage – Terry Wilby, Cambridge United Fan

Cambridge United 0-1 Mansfield Town, League 2.

I am one of the volunteers of the CFU (Trust of the supporters of the Cambridge Fans Federation), so I was at the Abbey at 6.30pm. Seeing all those headlights going on when I come down brings back memories and increases the tension.

I was placed at the tourniquets in the south stand to check if people were wearing face masks, point arrows at the ground to follow them and remind them to keep a safe distance from other people. Everyone seemed happy.

The social distance in the seats is quite easy to maintain, but on the terraces it is a bit more complicated: If you want to talk to your boyfriend and there’s noise nearby, go closer to listen (especially if you’re wearing a face mask!). One more thing, it’s harder to know your comrades when they’re wearing masks!

At a one-way installation there were people who were a little annoyed by the fact that they first had to walk along the front of the cabin and then back to the gates, which were only a few meters away from their location.

The best part is that it is so satisfying to be able to tell the judge that he made a mistake after watching so many screaming games on TV!

After all, it was a bit of a friendship for the season, as the result was generally unimportant. The fact that we were able to follow the game meant we all won, even though three points would have been fun!

Tonight was more than just the end – Callum Watterson, a fan ofSouthport

Southport fans returned to Southport Southport fans could watch the Northern National League game against Farsley Celtic.

Southport 0-1 Farsley Celtic, Northern National League.

It’s a cliché, but tonight was about more than just a result, it was about following an important part of our local community.

It was a dark and humid December night, but it was good to have something from my old life back. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, there were probably about 500-600 fans in total, with a maximum safety margin of 800. There must have been about 120 fans in the covered grandstand where I was.

When they walked on the floor, the fans covered their faces, and most of them held them in place, even when they were motionless. Singing and singing was allowed, but at the short and informative safety briefing before the competition we were told we had to have our own blankets – so most fans kept them anyway.

The general mood was a bit depressed, but I don’t know if it was due to a shock on the way home or a little anticlimax.

In general, tonight felt like a step towards a kind of normal life without going too far. It may be a long road, but tonight it came even closer.

Lovely to be back – Warwick Monk, Southport fan

Southport Fans Southport fan Warwick Monk (left) has returned to visit his club after an absence of almost nine months.

South Gate 0-1 Farsley Keltic

We thought a lot of subscribers wouldn’t show up – but we have a very large AAA in Southport, so I can fully understand that they come back very cautiously. I am sure that as soon as the vaccine is released in the coming months, they will gain confidence and slowly return.

It was so nice to come back to our beautiful stadium with my girlfriend’s bladder. Watching live football is much more fun than the feeds we got from the club, because the atmosphere and the jokes with friends around you are much more pleasant. The masks had to be worn during the tour. You could have taken them off when you sat down, but I’d say most people kept them on throughout the game.

Terrible game and result, but the boy on the boy did well to come back with the groans of the bleachers!

Safe Area – Roger Watson, Cambridge Fan

Cambridge United 0-1 Mansfield Town, League 2.

First of all, it was great to be able to see the match live, even though the result was better.

The organization of the club was first class. There were clear instructions for the space allocated to you, no problems with social distance and regular announcements reminding you of the need for social distance. At the end of the game, fans were told when to leave the game to avoid another crowd of fans. Face masks were mandatory, but no one objected. Overall, it seemed like a safe environment.

The atmosphere was much better than at home, and we hope all clubs will be able to meet the fans sooner or later.

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