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Jake Paul knocked out former NBA star Jake Robinson just two weeks ago and is ready to take on the next challenge of his new boxing career. In the past few days Paul has become very confident and is now pushing another NBA player to get in the ring with him.

However, for a person on Youtube, this doesn’t seem like a good idea. Paul twittered to get the L.A. superstar. LeBron James, and he did it. Paul really wanted to cause a sensation and told the quadruple NBA champion to decide who was the real king of Ohio.

Let’s see, who’s the real king of Ohio? @KingJames Paul tweeted.

Let’s see, who’s the real king of Ohio? @KingJames

– Jake Paul (@jakepaul) 9. December 2020

Of course, not everyone was enthusiastic and the fans immediately called Paul to try and fight Lebron to launch his career, while others insisted he was a real boxer and not an NBA player. But he still found support.

We’re not pretending to be lemons, are we? How many times has he left us?

– Dakota_manzi (@manzi_dakota) 9. December 2020

You’d kick Lebron’s ass without a hat.

– 8. Tyler (@Tyler1234590) 9. Tyler (@Tyler1234590) December 2020.

It wouldn’t even be a fair fight. Jake slept with him.

– David Marinoff (@d_marinoff) 9. December 2020.

Lmao, you’re so angry that Logan got into a big fight, even though you’re the only one who can box .

– Bill Smith (@BillSmi6450779) 9. December 2020.

Yeah, you’re gonna get yourself killed.

– 8. Cheese nigger (@XavierE71203142) 9. Cheese products. December 2020.

Brother Lebron brought his first ring to Ohio (NBA). I’m sure we know who the real king is.

– RoyaltyxWavy (@circle2015) 9. December 2020.

Lebron every day pic.twitter.com/P7jaHcUqqZ

– Mohammad Ali (@moe_bangla) 9. December 2020


– Kadir Kurt (@Turkish Chad69) 9. December 2020.

Call a real boxer.

– 8. Fields2020LAL (@Fields2020L) 9. Fields2020LAL (@Fields2020L) December 2020.

Whatever your experience, you will not be able to balance the height and weight with the wingspan.

– Ant (@Antonioba14) 9. December 2020

Honey, what are you doing now, Brother , he would win… if he wasn’t afraid of the risk of injury, but goes to 1.

– 8. Casey fields (@RnB_keikei) 9. Casey fields (@RnB_keikei) December 2020.

The brother really tries to fight with everyone except the boxer, take notes of the brother and fight with a real boxer.

– pittsburghvisuals (@pghvisuals) 9. December 2020.

This guy won’t regret taking a risk with you, my friend pic.twitter.com/mT7Hfz54AT.

– 8. Ralph Lauren (@GuintoLauren) 9. Ralph Lauren (@GuintoLauren) December 2020

LeBron’s disrespecting his brother, my efforts will pull the train and send for your friend.

– DaMoose (@TheBiftaLighter) 9 December 2020

You do realise that the NBA season in Imao is about to begin.

– 8. Sean Marks (@cubans6767) 9. Sean Marks (@cubans6767) December 2020.

Curious that Paul avoided the chance to fight with Lebron because he was too big. Now everything seems to have changed, but Paul will have to find another opponent; the NBA is about to start and LeBron will focus on other projects to fight Jake Paul.

The king has been called several times lately. UFC star Colby Covington said he’d take out Lebron in less time than Paul CO’d Robinson. Well, Paul jumped on that train, and now he’s waiting for an answer that will never come.

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