There are several simple tips for dressing down your outfit. You can add a bow tie to your jacket or a pair of clip on earrings. When it comes to jackets, ensure they fit correctly and are easy to adjust. Also, make sure your accessories are in proportion to your frame. You can dress up almost anything with the right accessories.

Less formal toppers

For a less formal day look, a jean or army jacket is a great option. You can also wear a pantsuit, like fashion icon Bianca Jagger. For a more power look, add a cravat and a big watch. You can balance the look with lipstick and taller shoes.


Layering is a great way to add interest and drama to your wardrobe. You can create a unique look with multiple layers by using different materials and textures. The key to layering is to know your body and its proportions. Know what fabrics to use in the different layers and what colours or prints will go well with your body type.

Using layers is an easy way to dress up a simple outfit. It allows you to experiment with different fabrics, textures, patterns, and colors without adding unwanted bulk. It also makes your figure look slimmer and taller by hiding unwanted parts. This fashion tip can be used to refresh your wardrobe and create countless different looks with your existing wardrobe pieces.

Another way to layer is to use accessories. Accessories such as belts, handbags, and belts can add interest and help you achieve different looks. You can also use a scarf to cover up a tummy or tie in the colors of your outfit.


Before you buy accessories, it’s a good idea to know what your lifestyle is and what you’ll be wearing. Accessorizing fashion tips include matching colors and styles. While traditional thinking dictates matching your accessories to your outfit, you can also experiment with different shades. It may help to refer to a color wheel when deciding on color combinations.

Accessories can add interest to a simple outfit and also accentuate a person’s style. A good selection of accessories will help to expand your wardrobe and boost your self-confidence. Whether you’re attending a cocktail party or going out to a business lunch, accessorizing is the key to a perfect look.

When accessorizing, a simple piece of jewelry can bring attention to your hairstyle or face. A simple pair of pearls or earrings can balance out a more bold and vibrant ensemble. Using accessories to accent your clothing can be overwhelming, but using a few basic tips will help you make the right choice.

Creating a personal brand

Creating a personal brand is an important part of building a successful fashion business. In today’s world, your brand is your walking talking advertisement. For a startup fashion brand, this is especially important. It helps you attract clients, showcase your portfolio, and maintain your values. However, how do you develop a personal brand?

A personal brand is a reflection of your personality. It should convey your best qualities and position you in the right light. To do so, you need to consider your writing style. Make sure you incorporate messages from your mission, vision, values, positioning, and personality. Creating a personal brand is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition and to gain recognition.

One example of a personal brand is a YouTube channel. Carli Bybel began her business by creating makeup looks and posting them on her YouTube channel. Later, she created a makeup kit that she sells on BH Cosmetics’ website. Her kits are so popular that customers can’t order more than four at a time! Bybel also has her own blog where she posts pictures of herself modelling different looks.

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