Jeopardy! Alex Trebek celebrates tonight as the final episode of the series begins. Fans of the program have been circling their calendars for a while now. When the beloved host was diagnosed with cancer, many wondered if he would keep trying to record the show. Well, Trebek has persevered, and last season’s results were just remarkable. Participants and fans filled him with love and even shared memories after his death. It was love on a large scale, yes, even Ryan Reynolds had time to say a few words of encouragement before everything was said and done. Below you will find some excerpts from all years of the program. The characteristic moustaches, some hilarious moments and surreal events make you think about how different television was then. Needless to say, we will all miss Trebek very much.

Only the best.
Thanks, Alex.

– This is ridiculous! (@Jeopardy) 8. January 2021

Trebek made a report about his health before the holidays. Fans appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of one of their favorite TV hosts.

Now I would be lying if I said the trip was easy, Trebek explained in a video update. There have been some good days, but there have also been many bad days. I made a joke with my friends that cancer wouldn’t kill me, but chemo would. There have been times of intense pain, days when certain bodily functions ceased to function, and sudden, massive episodes of severe depression that made me wonder if it was worth fighting.

He went on to say: But I quickly put that aside, because it would have been a huge betrayal – a betrayal of my wife and my soul sister John, who had given everything to help me survive. It would be a betrayal to other cancer patients who saw me as some kind of inspiration and cheerleader, for the value of life and hope, for my faith in God and for the millions of prayers that were said in my name.

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None prepared

We all said we’d be ready, that the last few weeks had prepared us for tonight.

I think it’s fair to say that we lied to ourselves when we said the tears would flow.

But after all, it is proof of the absolute goodness of Alex Trebek.

– Courtney Theriault (@cspotweet) 8. January 2021


That is so true.

It really hurts. Danger was an essential part of my childhood, and my mother, father, sister and I watched it almost every night. A reminder that life goes on and we all grow old. #AlexTrebek

– sunshinelollipops (@teealee6) 9 January 2021



I’m glad I saw the last episode of Alex Trebek’s #Jeopardy tonight. He’s been a welcome guest on my television screen for a long time. It still didn’t feel like he was really gone.

The best host of the game show.

– 8. Colin Frattura (@FrancoRuttali) 9. Colin Frattura (@FrancoRuttali) January 2021


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