The Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors meet for the first time this season in the San Francisco Crosstown Conference. It’s time to continue the NBA betting and make a prediction and tip on the Magic Warriors.

The Magic’s record is 9-16 overall and 10-15 against the backlog. Orlando is recovering from a loss against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Warriors are 13-12 and against the spread. They swept the San Antonio Spurs in the last Warriors game in Texas.

Here’s how sports bettors set the odds for the opening of the Magic Wars.

NBA Betting: Magic Warriors Betting

Orlando Magic +8 (-115)

Golden State Warriors -8 (-105)

More than 223 points (-110)

less than 223 points (-110).

Why magic can cover the spread

The biggest trick to magic in this game will be to use a small Golden State formation.

Despite Orlando’s recent slump, Nikola Vucevic is a positive for the team.

In the last three games, Vucevic has scored an average of 29 points and 14 rebounds on 51% of his shots from the field. The Magic will need a good game from their top players if they want to get out of this slump.

On offense, Magic must hit the ball in the direction of Vuèeviè. Defensively, they will have to aim the warriors’ arrows at him.

Orlando can’t afford to get into a firefight with the Warriors. We have to focus on getting Steph Curry and co. off the line and into the teeth of the defense.

As long as they don’t drift back and forth, the magic can stay there. Take it easy, let Vuèeviè work on the station, and the game will remain exciting until the end.

Why the warriors can cover the spread.

With the absence of a true center in recent games, the Warriors have resorted to a style of running and shooting to win games.

Since losing Kevon Looney to an ankle injury, the Dubs have started making shots from three-point range. In the last four games, the Warriors have averaged 41.5 three-point attempts per game, fewer than the Jazz and Blazers in the long run.

With their big men still in rehab, Golden State’s strategy here will be the same. Put the ball in Curry’s hands, let him orchestrate the offense and drop free kicks.

Defensively, the Warriors’ defense isn’t exactly a rock.

The Magic are the third-best players in the league and have the lowest field goal percentage of any team.

The possible absence of Orlando’s second highest scorer Evan Fournier adds to the misery. Aaron Gordon has already been put on the short list for tonight, so Orlando’s already difficult offense could be further hampered.

Warriors must be able to master the magical attack to keep them in this match.

Final prediction and choice of Magic Warriors

The broadcast in this match will be determined by the team that can control the pace of the match. Above, I’m betting on the Warriors to shoot early and run the Magic down the floor. That’s a pretty big margin for a team just above .500, but the Magic haven’t lost any close games lately. I’m taking the Warriors by 8 points pretty easily and I’m holding them against an offensively strong Orlando team.


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