The holidays are fast approaching and Megan and Harry are in the mood. They are now in the United States and have brought a tree to decorate their new home in Santa Barbara, where many celebrities live. For a married couple it was a discreet journey to a nameless tree environment. However, his attempts not to draw attention to her were misplaced when the child approached Harry. The man assumed Harry was a trader. Once their cover was blown, the couple bought a tree.

It is said that the couple is planning to go on vacation in America with their 19-month-old son Archie. They’ll be in their new home in Montecito, California.

Last year Megan and Harry were in Canada for the holidays. At that moment they were preparing for a new life, away from Britain. They chose Canada, probably because Harry and Megan came here, thanks to the 2017 Victory Games in Toronto. The 2019 Christmas celebration was held in a rented house on Vancouver Island. Megan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was with them, and Harry went to a nearby town to decorate the table. It was a few days before Christmas.

Early Christmas for Megan and Harry

Megan and Harry spent two Christmases in Sandringham. They were in the company of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. On the program is a visit to the church at Christmas, while people of good will will meet them along the way.

However, the couple resigned from their royal duties and moved to America. Megan is American and has made a name for himself in TV drama costumes. Harry was a fighter pilot and was involved in operations in Afghanistan. They met through a mutual friend, and the rest is history. When Megan joined the royal family, she adapted to her new lifestyle, but she and Harry want to become financially independent.

They have started to explore appropriate options. Harry and Megan have already drawn several public speeches and have high hopes of becoming great. Christmas 2016 is called for the wedding. Then they met and bought a tree in London. It was a six-footed fir. This year Prince Harry and Megan are out of work, they will miss Christmas in Great Britain.

Doria Ragland could join Megan and Harry for Christmas

Megan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was with Megan and her family this year for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas Day with them. We’re still talking about how the couple held together during the coronavirus pandemic. They have volunteered at a local charity in Los Angeles. It was a charity organization, Baby2Baby, whose mission was to provide needy children and families with the things they needed. More recently, the couple distributed food and relief items to local veterans. By the way, Megan had a miscarriage and she and Harry shared the experience because many people have experienced such tragedies.

Harry and Megan get ready for their own party

According to Town and Country Mag, Christmas moods are ubiquitous.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philippe have opened their Christmas decorations at Windsor Castle, while Harry and Megan prepare for their own festivities. He plans to spend his first holiday at his house in Santa Barbara, near Archie. Even if they wanted to be in the UK, it would be difficult for them because of the constant threat of a pandemic. There are many restrictions, including quarantine. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh usually spend Christmas in Sandringham. This has been the case since 1988. They were supposed to celebrate in Windsor this year.

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