If you’ve never heard of North County Paws Cause, don’t feel bad. The group is a nonprofit organization that sends dogs to other parts of the world to help with animal rescue. They have sent more than 3,000 dogs to more than 20 countries since 1999. When the North County Paws Cause organization was started, they had a goal to help as many dogs as possible. They have now achieved their ultimate goal of helping dogs.

I’m a great fan of the pet cause movement. There is so much animal suffering in this world, and it’s up to us to do something about it. One organization I like is North County Paws Cause. Their mission is to end pet overpopulation and to find loving homes for all unwanted dogs and cats in San Diego County. They are a local, non-profit organization that has been operating in our community for the last 30 years. There is no better place to find shelter for your pet than North County Paws Cause.

North County Paws Cause • is much more than just a dog rescue center. We are a family and we take our dogs to the beach, take them hiking and allow them to travel to other shelters in the San Diego area. We do not breed them and we do not sell them. We just want to give them a better home than they have now.

Cats in need of permanent homes after a COVID kitten outburst

NORTH COUNTY — North County Paws Cause is a non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers. The volunteers take pleasure in the fact that all contributions go directly to the care of their cats and kittens, but they are in desperate need of assistance following a COVID kitten explosion.

The spaying and neutering of neighborhood cats is the foundation of the organization. North San Luis Obispo (SLO) County provides the majority of cats and kittens to the County of Animal Services. Spaying and neutering cats helps to keep a cat colony healthy by preventing unwanted kitten litters. The Paws Cause volunteers labor tirelessly to capture and transport cats for surgery.

Paws Cause also has a highly successful cat and kitten foster program. Their foster kittens and cats are put in foster family homes and socialized, but most importantly, they are loved and cared for until they are ready to go to their permanent homes. 

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


Paws Cause does not have a physical location. The majority of their volunteers live in North County, although they do have some in SLO and Los Osos.

Elizabeth Gillingham, a Paws Cause Foster, stated, “I’m always astonished at what this group of volunteers does on such a limited budget and with just volunteers.” “Spaying and neutering community cats to prevent feral cat overpopulation, trapping and socializing feral kittens and then adopting them out, rescuing cats and kittens from local animal services, assisting special needs cats that come into our foster care, and assisting with cat hoarding situations.”

There are now “too many kittens, not enough foster homes!” according to Gillingham. Almost all animal rescue organizations, I believe, had a difficult year. Many SNR [Spay Neuter Return] programs were also stopped down last year when shelters were basically shuttered. Because we were unable to have animals neutered, this kitten season has been unlike any other. We’re catching up on SNR, but spay programs are currently overflowing with people wanting to have their pets fixed.”

Even for rescues with a physical shelter, scheduling adopters’ visits so that everyone may be as secure as possible during COVID has proven difficult. Paws Cause has had similar difficulties, with volunteers bringing people into their homes to see their prospective new kittens or taking kittens to visit their potential new homes.

“Now we are beginning to see individuals who acquired a ‘COVID pet’ abandon those animals when they return to work in the office,” added Gillingham. “There are a lot of excellent alternatives for individuals who want to return to work! Pet daycare, pet sitters, and training are all better options than surrendering a pet.”

One of the Paws Cause volunteers has been working to have the SNIP Bus, a mobile spay and neuter clinic in in Contra Costa County, come to SLO County as a supplement.

Because so many people found themselves with less spare money during the COVID-19 lockdowns, contributions to rescues have been lower than in previous years, according to Gillingham.

“The simplest thing that community people can do to assist is to donate,” added Gillingham. “Cash contributions are accepted through PayPal [[email protected]].” Tax-deductible contributions are accepted.”

Donations of food, litter, toys, beds, and other items may be dropped off at these locations: northcounty-pawscause.org/donate-here 

  • 3300 Traffic Way, Atascadero, Foss Farm’s Farmstand
  • In Paso Robles, Petco is located at 2155 Theatre Dr.
  • In Paso Robles, the Grocery Outlet is located at 2800 Riverside Ave. #102, adjacent to Tractor Supply.

Another alternative is to purchase on Amazon via smile.amazon.com and choose North County Paws Cause as their non-profit of choice. Amazon then gives a portion of your purchase to charity at no cost to you.

In a lot of places, according to Gillingham, they could need additional volunteers.

“We weren’t allowed to conduct trapping and release last year,” Gillingham said. “Now there are more unaltered cats in the neighborhood, and they’re all having kittens!” Getting your cat fixed is one of the greatest things you can do for your neighborhood. Even if you’re only putting food out for a stray cat or seeing a lot of them, capturing, treating, and returning them is a big help to both the cat and the community.”

Paws Cause currently has 107 cats and kittens in foster homes, the majority of whom are ready to be adopted into permanent homes. To view pictures and descriptions of adoptable cats and kittens, go to northcounty-pawscause.org.

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