The Indiana Pacers have been a surprise this season, and if they keep playing like this, they could make the playoffs. But there’s one player who has been a huge part of their success that is not on the team anymore – Domantas Sabonis.

The domantas sabonis injury update is a post that has been published by the Indiana Pacers. In this article, they discuss the progress of their injured player, Domantas Sabonis.


After missing the playoffs for the first time in six years in 2020-21, the Indiana Pacers will be trying to get back into the mix this season. Injuries, internal issues, and a coaching change all had an impact on the club last season. However, with a fresh start in the upcoming season, they may be a strong contender in the East.

This season’s squad seems to be extremely strong, with many players who can make significant contributions. Lithuanian center Domantas Sabonis, who was named to his second All-Star team last year, is the team’s captain. The former Oklahoma City Thunder guard has made significant progress toward being a true franchise leader, and his performance on the floor has vastly improved since his Thunder days. Aside from him, the Pacers have Caris LeVert, a former Brooklyn Nets guard who has recovered from a kidney problem that held him out for most of last season. Myles Turner, a center, is still a viable option for this team.

X-Factor for the Pacers

LeVert and Turner are the two players who must take on additional responsibilities to relieve Sabonis of his burden. Both of them have had problems, although in different ways, but they are competent NBA players who can serve as the team’s second and third choices. While the rest of the team is also extremely excellent, with players like big TJ Warren and guard Malcolm Brogdon, how LeVert and Turner perform this season will determine how far the Pacers can go.

LeVert is a fascinating player to watch. Even before his terrible kidney problems last year, he made an impression as a Nets bench scorer. Despite bringing All-Star James Harden to Brooklyn, his deal raised some concerns since he was a fan favorite at Barclays Center. His game is difficult to describe since he isn’t the most efficient scorer and his shooting technique is a little odd, but he has the potential to light up the scoreboard on any given night.

Last season, he showed the Pacer faithful why he is a valuable asset to the team in a restricted role. He averaged 20.7 points in 32.9 minutes per game, with shooting splits of 44.3/31.8/82.2. For a volume shooter, it was OK. He will need to improve the efficiency of his shoots as he will play a larger part in the offense, but he has showed significant progress in each season so far. Without a doubt, LeVert will put in the effort.

It’s obvious that LeVert needs to remain healthy. Only once in his NBA career has he played more than 70 games in a season. In four of his first five seasons in the league, he never appeared in more than 57 games. The Pacers may anticipate big things from him if he can remain healthy.

Myles Turner, on the other side, is a very irritating player for Pacers fans. The 6-11 center seems to be stalling, and his statistics back him up. After bearing the weight of great expectations for the last two seasons, the former Texas Longhorns standout has failed to deliver, staying a good player for the club. The aggravating thing is that, like his frontcourt teammate, Domantas Sabonis, he has all the skills to be an All-Star.

He possesses excellent defensive awareness and is surprisingly agile for a player in his position. When Turner switches on guards or wings, the Pacers are totally at ease because he can usually follow them around the perimeter. He’s a beast in the paint, leading the league in blocks per game on two occasions. He has tremendous range and a good touch around the basket, so he can score from anywhere on the court.

Turner must take a step forward and really demonstrate his potential if the Pacers are to make a meaningful playoff push. His defensive efforts are on par with what the Pacers need, but he needs to be the team’s strong third offensive option. Indiana will be a strong contender in the Playoffs if coach Rick Carlisle can work with Turner to improve his role in the offense.

Overall, the historic franchise should do better than previous season. Now, ideally, the team will be healthy and ready to show the rest of the world that last season was an exception. To be honest, Indiana should have no trouble reaching the Playoffs with this squad, particularly if the listed players can take the necessary strides ahead. Sabonis will not be able to take them there alone, as stated before, since he is not of that caliber. To be successful in the next season, the whole organization will have to work together.

One thing is certain: the Pacers will strive tirelessly to reclaim their place as a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference.



The Pacers X Factor For 2021-22 NBA Season, And It’s Not Domantas Sabonis is the title of an article published by ESPN. The article discusses how the Pacers are in need of a change for next season. Reference: what is wrong with pacers.

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