The entire Marvel movie universe may have been on hold for over a year due to the pandemic, but the beloved franchise is finally getting back on track Friday morning with the launch of WandaVision, the first television series produced by Marvel Studios. The series tells the story of Scarlet Witch and Vision, although the latter died in Avengers: The War of Infinity, and according to the promotional material, nothing about his life at WandaVision is as well known as it seems. Something is wrong, and many fans have speculated that the series is a nod to the BD House of M event, in which Wanda changed the reality of the world to create personal happiness for everyone.

There is ample evidence that House of M is part of the structure of WandaVision, which leads to the following thought for anyone who has read Brian Michael Bendis’ comics: Will there be mutants in WandaVision?

Until recently, Marvel Studios could not legally use the M-word in their projects because the mutant characters in Marvel Comics were the exclusive property of Fox. Since Disney acquired Fox, this is no longer the case and the MCU can now have mutants. Let’s also not forget that Scarlet Witch is a mutant herself, you can’t tell that from the movies.

House of M is the story of Wanda changing the reality of the world and creating a place where many of her closest allies see their dreams come true. Mutants became the majority of the world’s population, and Magneto ruled everything. When everything inevitably fell apart, Wanda decided there should be no more mutants, and made the world a place where almost all mutants lost the genes that gave them their powers.

Wanda’s ability to alter reality is central to WandaVision, as it likely relates to the strange world she and Vision live in during the series. Dom M saw the creation of a dream, and his ideal world would contain a still living vision of love. All of this makes sense and may ultimately help explain the presence or absence of mutants in the MCU as a whole. This could be a change of sorts in the House of M fairy tale, which ends with Wanda’s reality breaking and a mutated gene awakening in people around the world, setting in motion the events of the MCU for the next decade. It’s just a theory, but it shows how many different stories can be told using Wanda’s abilities as a plot element.

While this all makes sense, it seems unlikely that the introduction of mutants into the MCU will happen on WandaVision, if only because of everything that will happen in the next few years. A mention of mutants or a few titanic plagues might indicate their arrival, but don’t expect Magneto to drop by Vision for dinner.

That said, whatever happens to the fabric of reality in WandaVision will have long-term effects on the character and the franchise as a whole, so be prepared to see the ripple effects in the future. This is the place to look for the beginnings of a mutant.

Do you think mutants will appear in WandaVision? Let us know in the comments!

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