The first day of the trial for Trevor Bauer, a Cleveland Indians pitcher accused of domestic violence, saw his attorneys continue to question the woman who had accused him of sending her threatening texts.

The Trevor Bauer’s attorneys continue questioning woman on deleted texts on Day 3 of hearing is a story about the third day of a civil trial. On the third day, the woman who was texting with Trevor Bauer before his DUI incident testified. Read more in detail here: find deleted texts on iphone.

Trevor Bauer, the pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is scheduled to testify in L.A. County Superior Court on Thursday morning, the fourth and final day of a hearing to determine whether a temporary domestic violence restraining order against him will be made permanent, which can last up to five years in California.

Bauer’s lawyers informed the court presiding over the case that Bauer would testify, but that he will simply say his name and that he is a Major League Baseball player. His lawyers have told him that if he is asked any further questions, he should use his Fifth Amendment privilege.

The Pasadena (California) Police Department is investigating accusations of domestic violence and sexual assault resulting from two sexual encounters between Bauer and a 27-year-old woman that occurred on April 21 and May 16. No one “shall be forced in any criminal proceeding to be a witness” against oneself, according to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The interactions were “wholly consensual,” according to Bauer’s lawyers, in part because the lady texted Bauer “gimme all the agony” and that she wanted to be choked out before she returned to Bauer’s home in May. The lady, on the other hand, stated in her evidence on Wednesday: “Text messages do not imply consent in my opinion. I did not agree to being inflicted with pain all over my body, to being admitted to the hospital, or to having things done to me while I was unconscious. That isn’t acceptable.”

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The lady, who ESPN is not identifying because she claims to be a sexual assault victim, testified for more than nine hours over three days about what occurred during the encounters and the circumstances that led up to them. Bauer allegedly choked her three times with her own hair and struck her in the face, buttocks, and genitals so brutally during their second sexual session that she rushed to the emergency room for medical treatment, according to her testimony. She told the court on Wednesday that she didn’t want to go public with her accusations because she was afraid of being “slut-shamed,” but that “getting Trevor Bauer’s protection was worth it to me.”

Bauer is the highest-paid player in MLB this year, earning over $40 million, and while pitching for the Cincinnati Reds, he earned the National League Cy Young Award in 2020.

His legal team spent Wednesday morning finishing their cross-examination of the woman, questioning why she deleted messages that his attorneys described as “critically important” to the hearing and pointing out that she lied to two friends about the date and location of her second sexual encounter with Bauer.

One of the friends, the lady said, is her Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sponsor, who did not approve of her connection with Bauer and advised her not to visit him in Pasadena, where the encounters occurred. As a consequence, she said she originally informed her sponsor that the second sexual encounter occurred at her San Diego residence.

The lady said the other buddy was her employer and closest friend, and she lied about the second encounter’s time because she had phoned in ill.

Shawn Holley, Bauer’s lawyer, questioned the lady whether she informed Bauer she “substituted hard sex for booze,” to which she replied, “I don’t remember.” Holley then inquired as to whether she had informed Bauer that “pain is your escape and your after-sobriety high.” “No, I did not say that,” the lady said.

Holley also spent a lot of her cross-examination on a message exchange that started when the lady emailed her sponsor a snapshot of a message she got from Bauer on May 8, in which Bauer said, “Thought about you tonight” and “Figured I’d check in and see how you’re doingin.”

According to papers put into evidence by Bauer’s legal team, the lady then texted her sponsor, “Give me 50 million bucks and don’t smack my cl— and I’d be happy.”

The lady texted her sponsor about her dissatisfaction with the criminal investigation almost two weeks after she went to the hospital and made a statement to police about their second, more violent incident. “Pretty soon I’ll be like HEY RICH B——,” her sponsor texted.

“Hopping in the goddamn RANGE ROVER,” the lady answered, to which the sponsor added, “You can make it rain every day.”

When the woman asked her sponsor five days later if she should post a selfie on social media with the caption “STRONG GIRL SUMMER,” her sponsor texted back, “DON’T POST YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE STRUGGLING MENTALLY NOT POSTING” and that it would be “terrible for your case” because she should not present herself as “a happy summer beach babe posting on IG.”

The sponsor then texted the lady, “SECURE THE BAG,” numerous times.

The lady did not disclose these text conversations and others in her original statement to the court when she requested the temporary restraining order in June, according to Holley.

The lady went on to say that she didn’t believe the texts were relevant to why she required protection and that she had never applied for a restraining order before.

After she left Bauer’s home and phoned her after the second meeting, the woman’s closest friend testified that she sounded “extremely wobbly, quite frightened.”

Dr. Jennifer Hammers, a former deputy medical examiner for New York City, was summoned to testify as a medical expert by Bauer’s defense team. She claimed to be an osteopathic physician who had performed over 4,000 forensic autopsies and anticipated to be paid $4,000 by Bauer’s legal team for her study and testimony.

Hammers testified that the woman’s statement in court regarding what occurred during the second sexual encounter did not match the injuries described in the requested medical documents, in her view.

According to Hammers, the lady had no fractures or internal bleeding. She did had bruises, black “raccoon eyes,” which may be an indication of strangling, and a bruise “high up in the pubic area above the genitalia,” as well as “blood in the labia,” according to Hammers, which was “induced by the bleeding higher up moving down.”

Hammers said, “Based on evidence, there were two potential ways to have trauma in that region.” “One is punching’s impact.”

The lady had bruises around her vagina, according to the woman, her closest friend, and the forensic nurse who performed the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) assessment. The nurse, who has worked in the profession for four decades, said on Tuesday that she had never seen bruises around the vaginal area in that manner, which she described as “alarming.”

Hammers, on the other hand, claimed that the bruising in the pictures from the SART exam did not match what the lady described in her testimony. Instead, “rough intercourse,” according to Hammers, may have caused the injuries. “Two slim, healthy individuals colliding in that region may produce blunt injuries.”

Marc Garelick, the woman’s lawyer, questioned during cross-examination whether the bruises on the woman’s face and genitalia could have been caused by punches.

“It’s conceivable, but in my view improbable,” Hammers remarked.

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