BALTIMOR – Voronov’s broadband receiver Des Bryant unexpectedly announced that he had received a positive result on COVID-19 just 30 minutes before his long-awaited reunion with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night.

Tell me why they took me out of the warm-up so I could watch Bryant Tweeted. … I tested positive for covid.

The crazy thing is, I have the same damn routine. It’s, uh… this doesn’t make any sense.

According to the NFL, Bryant’s PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which was performed Tuesday morning, was inconclusive and there was no repeat test. The results came in Tuesday night because the lab is in Maryland.

The subsequent PCR test at the contact point in the stadium was positive and Bryant was removed according to the NFL protocol.

Bryant took the pre-game warm-up, although according to the League records, his two inconclusive tests should have been considered positive, and he should have been subjected to different requirements and procedures for a positive test.

The source told ESPN that Bryant was already on the field when the competition discovered that his test results were not convincing.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Des Bryants, pictured here, spoke with cowboy linebacker Justin Mart before Tuesday’s game. He said he was taken off the field just before warming up to be tested. Photo by AP/Nick Wass

As soon as Bryant was removed from the field, he sat down for a contact meeting with representatives of the NFL league and the players’ association, which also had the motion tracker data downloaded on Bryant, according to a source on ESPN. On the basis of the survey and the results of the scheme, officials expressed confidence that, according to sources, there was no close contact with high-risk persons.

According to COVID-19 League policy, close contact does not include short-term interactions such as a person in transit.

One in two players of both teams tested negative on Tuesday.

According to sources at ESPN, the NFL and the NFLPA are not concerned about close contact with Bryant, as Rooks has worked under extremely strict protocols for the past two weeks, effectively excluding the possibility of close contact.

Shortly after Bryant’s first tweet, the Rooks announced that Bryant had been scratched because of an illness.

Bryant went into the field about two hours before the game and picked up passes from backup quarterback Trace McSorley. He crossed his hands for his X signature before entering the tunnel leading to the dressing room.

Bryant wasn’t wearing a mask the whole time.

Bryant was conspicuously absent when Baltimore had a complete warm-up. In his first series of tweets announcing his positive test, Bryant said he wouldn’t come back this season; but he wrote a follow-up tweet, Yes, I’ll come back… I’m smart.

At 32, Bryant was determined to play against the Cowboys for the first time since Dallas cut him off two years ago. A few days before the game, Bryant said it would be an exciting time to play with the team he spent eight seasons with and recorded a record 73 touchdowns.

He became the first Ravens player to get a positive result within a week. The Ravens have just been involved in one of the biggest epidemics in professional sport: more than a dozen players with positive results in 10 days.

After he was killed on the 27th. After joining the Raven’s coaching staff in October, Bryant became active four weeks later. In three parts Bryant had little influence on the 31st place. Passing the NFL offense and doing four stitches in 28 yards.

Todd Archer and Dan Graziano of ESPN contributed to this report.

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