The Colts are hoping the recovery timeline for quarterback Carson Wentz and guard Quenton Nelson will be less than a month.

The quenton nelson is a player that the Indianapolis Colts are hoping will be able to play in week 13. If he can’t, it could have a big impact on the team’s season.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — According to ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell, the wide timeline for the rehabilitation of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz and guard Quenton Nelson following foot surgery is nothing to be concerned about.

On Aug. 2 and 3, Wentz and Nelson underwent the identical operation to have a foot bone removed on back-to-back days. Both players may miss five to twelve weeks, according to the Colts.

Bell said, “The recovery range is quite genuine.” “Because the damage occurs so infrequently, it may take a variety of samples, but I believe the norm is in the 10-week range. But it also relies on a variety of factors, including the person, as well as the context of the other issues they are dealing with.

“This is not a super-common injury. The numbers show you can come back in as little as six weeks and as long as 12 weeks. That’s the reality. The Colts are not trying to be tricky or deceptive. That’s based on the data of people coming back from a similar injury. They are being more forthcoming quite honestly.”Quarterback Carson Wentz (2) and guard Quenton Nelson were given foot-surgery recovery timelines of 5-12 weeks before they’ll be back in game action. Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Wentz injured his left foot while planting to throw during a practice on July 29. During the Aug. 2 practice, Nelson hurt his right hand. Both athletes have previously suffered from foot problems. According to coach Frank Reich, Wentz had the injury in high school, but he had no problems with it until July 29. Nelson was born with a foot problem, according to Reich.

“It’s just one of those things,” says the narrator. If you have an acute injury, you expose the previously damaged region to a new acute injury, and the issue returns,” Bell said. “Kind of lingers under the surface, not a problem until you do the thing that turns it become an issue.”

Wentz and Nelson might have avoided surgery by resting and hoping the ailment would heal on its own. Doing so may have been hazardous since they risk losing additional time if they re-injure their foot down the road.

Bell said, “This method offers them the final conclusion.” “Physically, it solves the fragment problem. They get rid of it, and it also offers you mental peace of mind. It’s not a question of if it’ll return, or whether it’ll be an issue. It’s over and done with; let’s move on.”Colts-Carson-Wentz-Quenton-Nelson-could-be-on-different-ends

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The first two weeks after surgery will mostly consist of rest. When rehabilitation begins between weeks two and four, a stronger indicator of recovery will be available. Players recover at various speeds depending on their posture and how much power they apply to their foot.

Nelson, for example, must be able to place his foot solidly in the ground and withstand big lineman pulling him back while he attempts to remain grounded. Wentz relies on his foot for speed, turning and shifting direction off of it.

Wentz should have a simple recovery, and if he does, it doesn’t seem crazy to think he’ll be back in five to six weeks, according to Bell. “On the plus side, however. It may potentially take longer… It all depends on how fast they get back to the point where they can handle the load they’ll be putting on it after those weeks of rest.”

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