As a registered user of the Onchan Raceway Website, you are required to follow the website’s terms and conditions. These terms cover Access to the Raceway Website, Copyright for Content, and Limitations on the Use of the Raceway Website. The following information can help you better understand these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please discontinue use of the Raceway Website. However, you are free to contact the raceway for further clarification.

Content on Raceway Website

The RPM Raceway website is owned and operated by Onchan Raceway, a company based in Ontario, Canada. Although it is accessible from all provinces and countries in the world, the laws of other countries may differ from the laws in Ontario. By using the Raceway Website, you agree to the application of the laws of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada. However, if you decide to access the website from outside Ontario, you should be aware that the information provided may not be correct or complete.

The Onchan Raceway owns all copyright and moral rights in the material posted on the Website. By submitting Content to the Website, you grant Onchan Raceway the right to use it in other works and media, including without limitation on the Raceway Website. You waive your moral rights in the Content, but you can still use it to promote the Onchan Raceway. Please note that any use of the material for non-commercial purposes requires the written permission of the Onchan Raceway.

Access to Raceway Website

The RPM Raceway website is owned and operated by Liberty, LLC, doing business as RPM Raceway. The Website contains information, products, and services that are subject to copyright. As the licensor and content provider, RPM Raceway is not responsible for any errors or omissions, and does not guarantee that this website will work or be free from viruses. In addition, RPM Raceway disclaims any warranties regarding the use of this Website or the products and services offered therein.

In addition to information that is available on the Site, the RPM Raceway website includes historical material. This information may not reflect the current status of the raceway or the drivers or teams. This information is provided for historical reference only and does not constitute personal information. While it is possible to make public postings on the Site, Sebring cannot guarantee its accuracy. For this reason, the RPM Raceway website should only be used as a guide when making decisions regarding the racetrack’s activities.

RPM Raceway owns the content on its website, and all of the materials and information on the Site are protected by copyright laws. This means that you are not permitted to modify, copy, distribute, or transfer any of these materials without the prior written consent of RPM Raceway. In addition, you must not “mirror” any of the materials found on the Raceway’s website, even if you have copied them from another source.

The content on a raceway website is protected by copyright. This means that the Raceway, or any parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of that entity, owns the copyright for that content. As such, it may reproduce, adapt, modify, or publish the content for any purpose. However, this does not grant you permission to use content in any way that discredits the Raceway. For example, you cannot use photos or graphics of the races in your marketing efforts.

Limitations on use of Raceway Website

You may be able to submit or post content on the Raceway Website, but you are not allowed to share or sell this material. You are also prohibited from modifying or causing any association with any of the Contents. You are not allowed to download any quantities of Contents to your computer or database. Furthermore, you cannot use the Contents for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Sebring International Raceway.

The Raceway Website is not appropriate for users outside the United States. You must follow all local laws and regulations if you plan to use the Raceway Website in that country. Moreover, you must comply with any applicable export and import laws and regulations. Sebring International Raceway reserves the right to monitor or prescreen User Materials. Nevertheless, you bear the risks of using the content. You must not send bulk unsolicited communications to the Raceway Website or post them on any of its social media pages or forums.

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