Last month, I was the guest on the “Online Interviews” podcast.  As a huge fan of your work, I was really thrilled to be a part of your show, and I’ve been following your blog ever since. I was really happy to be able to practice my interviewing skills, which I hope to learn more about, and I was even more thrilled to get a chance to practice my English skills!

“No one knows where the road goes, and even less who’s the one who’s leading the way.” (Yann Martel)

Writing an introduction for a blog post is an important part of the blogging process. Sometimes, it is done automatically using a template, but more often, you have to write it manually. In this post, we are going to introduce you to the popular “standard” template, which is the topic of the onlineinterviews blog.

My favorite number: Essay, Presentation, Speech, IELTS Cue Card, Paragraph

My favorite number: I love you, Zindagi

My favorite song: The list of favorite songs shows the most consistent changes in our playlist. These are the songs we want to put on repeat to listen to for hours. Currently, my favorite song on the playlist is Love you Zindagi by Dear Zindagi. This song made me get up from my comfortable bed and move, it made me say Love you Zindagi out loud, it brought the inner happiness you feel when you play with a child.

Performers of the song: Love You Zindagi

The interpreters of this beautiful song are Jasleen Royal and Amit Trivedi.

About Jasleen Royal

Jaslyn Royal is a music composer, lyricist and singer. In 2014, she stole the hearts of all lovers with her song Preet from Khoobsurat and made them cry. The voice was so invigorating and pleasant to listen to. She is 25 years old and recently recorded an entire album for the movie Baar Baar dekho.

About Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi is the man behind the most popular song Iktara from the film Wake Up Sid. He has recorded 11 albums including Queen and Udaan. He is also known for his great songwriting at the Cocaine studio. One of my favorite songs from Coke Studio Chaudhary is the one that leaves you in Trans and gets your feet moving. These two music lovers have made the lyrics of this song so simple, but with added meaning and beauty. My favorite song : Essay, paper, speech, IELTS prompt card, paragraph word-image-16304

Lyrics of Love you Zindagi Song

Jo dil se low Usse keh do hi, hi, hi. Jo dil na lage Usse keh do bye, bye, bye.

Meaning of lyrics

These rules encourage us to live a carefree and joyful life. It carries a universal message: Do what your heart tells you, because the heart is always the gateway to inner happiness. The essence of this song is the simplicity of the lyrics. How easily he gave us the answer to make life brighter and happier. Listen to your heart, life is beautiful. The next paragraph of the song says that we should greet all happiness with the words Hi and say goodbye to all sorrow. Do what your heart tells you and love this zindagi (life). Jaane do, jaane do Dil se chale jaane do Keh do ghabrahat ko Bye, bye, bye-bye. Love you zindagi, love you zindagi Love you zindagi, love you zindagi

Why is my favorite song?

The lyrics of this song are nothing special, but the power of the music made it influential. As Heinrich Heine said so well: Where the words end, the music begins. In everyday life, because of personal burdens, people are constantly saying that they hate their lives, there is nothing good about them, etc. There is no chance to complain about this life that is not taken. But this song, if only to hum it, still made people say Love You Zindagi. So, I can say that this song is a paean to life. Keep doing what you love keep humming Love You Zindagi.

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Cue Cards IELTS about my favourite song

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With a degree in the Arts I became infatuated with photography. I took up photography as the core subject in my BA and MA. It was a hobby that did not result in a job and I gave up on it after 3 years. On the other hand, I had my hands full working as a journalist. I was working in a small local newspaper and I had a lot of assignments. I also wrote a few my own articles. I found the experience of writing seemed to be more satisfying than the experience of taking photographs. So I enrolled in a course in Journalism. It was more of a hobby as I had no intention to work in the field of journalism. But, it was a great learning experience. I had written a few articles. Read more about ielts speaking cue card topics with answers pdf and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a cue card?

The trick to delivering a compelling presentation is to be prepared. If you can’t be, then the presentation will fail. So ensure that your slides are very clear and easy to understand, and that your script is well written.  So, how do you write a cue card?  I don’t mean the kind you use to ask people to sign their name at the end of a presentation.  What I mean is a script you use to remind yourself of the points you want to get across during the presentation.  I know how important it is to be prepared for a presentation, but it’s even more important to be prepared in advance. Therefore, when you write your script, you should follow these guidelines: While it is a well-known fact that reading a script out loud is a great way to understand the sentence structure, structure, and content of a piece, it is also widely accepted that memorizing the words on a cue card or a speech can be a helpful way to deliver the same information without having to read a script.

How do you answer the cue card in ielts?

Hi, i’m a native speaker from China and i am working on my IELTS study, i have a question to ask, what is an ielts cue card? Or the ielts cue card is the answer i need, this ielts cue card section is too limited. The test is the most popular academic assessment to get a visa to foreign countries. So the question is how to score well? Some students are making their own cue cards and practice for the test. By using these cue cards students can practice their technique while also getting a feel of the real test. It is important to go through the test on a real model before the actual test to get ready.

How do you explain cue cards?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. To quote the host of NPR’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge”, “A cue card is just a piece of paper, usually held up in front of you to prompt you to say something in a particular way.” While also offered in the form of software programs, the cards are commonly used in conjunction with public speaking for their ability to guide speakers to articulate their subject matter effectively.

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